Thursday, September 23, 2021

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Cars in the City

Lincoln Aviator impresses


The 2020 Lincoln Aviator LG is packed full of amenities and technology.

This month’s Car in the City features the Lincoln Aviator. The mid-size luxury SUV showcased some high-tech options that I have never experienced in my late-model sedan. Admittedly, it took me bout 10 minutes just to start the car.

As I climbed in, The Perfect Position Seats with Active Motion provided me with 30 different seat, steering wheel and head restraint adjustment options.

After selecting the short leg setting, I reached next to my seat to shift the gear in reverse. Where was it? How do I move the car? Flagging down the salesman, I attempted to open the car door, but I couldn’t find the door handle. Instead, the light touch electronic door handle was a mere button.

To engage the car, I found the piano-key style shifter, located right below the center air vents, pressing yet another button.

Prep Iowa

Once on the highway, the Aviator launched with serious power. The twin turbo V6 with 400 horsepower, 10 speed 3-liter transmission and 415 pounds of torque proved perfect for a self-confessed speed fanatic.

Driving along Highway 5, I didn’t look to the dashboard to see how fast I was going. Instead, the Head Up display was digitally projected into thin air just past the front hood of the vehicle. It looked like a hologram straight out of the first “Star Wars” movie. “Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi!”

The passenger’s side has all the amenities of the driver’s side. The seat adjustments are ideal for middle aged folks. Just raise one part of a leg rest to relieve a tight hamstring or depress another button to provide lumbar support for an aching back.

All these options define the ultimate passengers’ comfort. The backseats include bucket seating, four-zone climate control, dual panel moon roof and WiFi capability.

When the vehicle is alerting you, such as “you left your keys in,” a soft-warning chime sounds. It’s not just any chime; it’s created by the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Depending on the message, a violin or viola might gently be reminding you to put your seatbelt on. However, I think the lane change warning sound might be more effective as an AC/DC guitar riff and not a Mozart string instrument. But that’s just me.

The 360-degree cameras detect objects or other cars slowing, and the Aviator also has a lane keeping system and will apply the emergency brake when prudent. If you’re someone who backs out of a small garage and has a tendency to clip the side mirrors on your way, this car’s autofold device might mean one less claim with your insurance agent.

The on-board technology helps make life easy. Just ask the voice-activated assistant, and directions to your destination will be forthcoming. A colorful map appears on the 10-inch display screen. If you frequently misplace your car key fob, you can download an app to program your phone and use it to start the car.

For frequent travelers who want a smooth, luxurious vehicle (and who wouldn’t?), the Lincoln Aviator is tops in technology, reliability and safety — all with a simple push of a button or two.

Model test drive was a 2020 Lincoln Aviator LG in iced mocha; price $72,815; 20/17 mpg/highway/city. ♦

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