Thursday, September 23, 2021

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Book Review

Book Reviews


By Mary Miller
Publication date:
May 21, 2019
256 pages


“Always Happy Hour” by Mary Miller was one of my favorite books of the year when it came out, and she did not disappoint with her latest offering, “Biloxi.” “Biloxi” is named for the city in which it takes place, Biloxi, Mississippi. Miller tells the story of Louis McDonald, Jr., who, at the age of 63, finds himself divorced from his wife of 37 years and recently retired. Louis finds, after being retired, that he has more time in the day than he has activities to fill it. While driving, Louis sees a sign advertising free dogs. It is there that he meets Layla. Layla gives Louis a new lease on life. “Biloxi” is a wonderful novel told in a deadpan humor that leaves the reader smiling throughout. Miller brings the everyday mundane to life in a way few can. ♦

— Review by Hunter Gillum

By Sarah Blake
Flatiron Books
Publication date:
May 7, 2019
496 pages

Prep Iowa

‘The Guest Book’

“The Guest Book” is a sweeping novel following three generations of the wealthy
Milton family of New York City. It begins in the mid 1930s with Ogden and Kitty Milton recovering from the tragic death of one of their children. Ogden is a third-generation banker whose business dealings in Berlin have made it possible for the couple to purchase an island off the coast of Maine. For years, the family gathers for an idyllic month of August, a seemingly perfect escape from the city. However, as the grandchildren come of age and the previous generations begin to pass away, secrets begin to rear their ugly heads.

Spanning the pre WWII years and the societal changes our country experienced
during the 1940s and 1950s, this story leads to a pivotal moment of another family tragedy. It is up to an unlikely friend to help the remaining family members expose and come to terms with the truths of their past. This is a
great summer read. ♦

— Review by Shirley Shiffler

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