Tuesday, September 26, 2023

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Book Review

‘Unidentified Flying Love’


Review by Victoria Jones

Peter Publishing Group



2,857 pp.

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The story begins with Melody, the daughter of an orange farmer, riding her horse through the orchards one sunny afternoon, when she stumbles upon a naked man sprawled out behind “a particularly forlorn tree.” Instead of galloping away in fear, Melody calmly gets off her horse to make sure the mysterious man is alright. We don’t know how long he’s been unconscious, nestled among the trees, but he quickly comes to and begins to share a story about a “wild night out with the guys” followed by an apology for intruding onto her land.

 But like any great romance novel matriarch, Melody doesn’t hear a word he is saying — too love-struck by the proverbial “man of her deepest, most private dreams.” Though, the fact that he’s as bare-assed as the day he was born might have something to do with it.

Author Melissa Straddler reveals to readers that the dreamy Edmund is actually an alien bad-boy who ran away from Planet Eractnis to escape the horrible alien princess with whom he was arranged to marry, not to mention that he is 7,000 years old and only possesses the body of a 27-year-old hunk.

The truth comes too late for Melody, who is unphased by this information and quickly professes her love for Edmund, to which he shares that her love is reciprocated just in time for the royal fleet of Eractnis to block the love affair. Edmund is forced to return to his home planet, unknowingly leaving an impregnated Melody behind.

Will Edmund return for her? Will he live on Earth or bring her to Planet Eractis to bear their alien baby? If not, will he at least pay child support? “Unidentified Flying Love” is another stereotypical romance novel, but the twists in this will leave you squirming in your seat as you attempt to curl up and relate to this heroine and her tragic love story. APRIL FOOLS

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