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Book Review

‘A Christmas Home’


Courtesy of Beaverdale Books

Review by Harriet Leitch

Crown Publishing Group

Oct. 30, 2012



240 pp

“A Christmas Home” is a short, easily-read book. Although it is written for adults, it could very well be read by a younger audience. The story opens with a wonderful dog left behind as a family loses its home and moves away. The scene switches to Todd, a developmentally-challenged young man, and his parents going to a town meeting. Their community has recently experienced the loss of a major employer, and changes will have to be made to how the town operates. Todd, a, works at the local animal shelter where he has discovered a talent for working with the dogs that come to the facility. He has trained the abandoned dog, Gracie, to help his friend Laura in her daily work and life. She suffers from multiple sclerosis, and Gracie’s help is not only useful to her but helpful to the patients she assists. As the story progresses, the city decides the shelter must be closed, meaning the end of a job that is perfect for Todd.                

The remainder of the story has members of the community coming together to find solutions to the closure, even in the midst of bad economic conditions. Todd struggles to understand what is happening to his world. He insists on keeping the current rescue dogs away from harm and is able to chart a course for his future. While the story might be predictable, it is a good vehicle for demonstrating the talents of a disabled adult. It also will be of interest to the many people involved in rescue groups and presents the rescue dogs in light of their immense potential. CV

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