Thursday, October 6, 2022

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Wine flows in flights at Trostel’s Dish


Think about how many times you’ve sat down at a restaurant and your server asks you for your order and you reply with “everything.” Or you’re looking at a drink menu and you can’t decide between five different wines that sound perfect…or maybe you want a cocktail? Then after your meal arrives, you steal just a little bit of your date’s garlic mashed potatoes because your pasta didn’t come with it but they just smell that good. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a little bit of everything?

Trostel’s Dish combines global and local flavors in a cozy, upscale atmosphere.

Trostel’s Dish combines global and local flavors in a cozy, upscale atmosphere.

Well, you can find the home of a little bit of everything and the queen of variety at Trostel’s Dish in Clive. Tapas bars originated in Spain and could be hot or cold and usually consisted of small items like olives and cheese. Now tapas bars and restaurants have evolved into an entity all their own. The dishes have become a little bigger and the flavors are ever changing.

Most notable at Trostel’s Dish, aside from its dishes from all over the world and Iowa, are the wine flights. If you want three different wines and can’t decide which one to order, this is your best option. Choose flights from categories: “Oregon’s Williamette Valley,” “Sips of Sunshine,” Fill in the Blanc,” “Hot Reds from South America” and “You Bet Shiraz It’s Good” and get the full effect of experiencing a tapas bar in wine form.

Trostel’s Dish has 16 different wine options — which are also offered by the glass or bottle — and interesting descriptors to help you find the perfect flavor for your mood. Feeling flirty? Try Jacob’s Creek Chardonnay. Feeling spicy? Try Bridlewood 175 Blend. Maybe bubbly is more your thing, in which case you can order a glass of “tiny bubbles,” which includes an array of sparkling wines and champagnes. With their punny wine jokes in their flight options and wide selection otherwise, there is happiness in a glass for everyone at Trostel’s Dish.

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Trostel’s also offers an assortment of cocktails and beer that are equally as delicious. They offer a full bar, so don’t be afraid to ask for your favorite martini or a Templeton on the rocks. The wait staff is incomparably kind, helpful and eager to offer up suggestions when you can’t decide if you want red or white wine, or whether you should try something new and get the 2009 merlot or get every sweet-tooth wine lover’s favorite: moscato. If you’re anything like me, you go with moscato. I tried Dish’s Besitos Moscato (2011) and it was everything a moscato-lover adores: smooth, sweet and always leaves you wanting another glass.

Don’t be afraid to experience Trostel’s Dish outside of the restaurant. After you leave, be sure to check out the website to keep up to date on the restaurant’s events. Last year it participated in the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival (Bacon Fest) and it hosts an assortment of dinner parties as well as sponsoring events like art shows. Most recently, Trostel’s hosted a wine dinner that included dishes from Spain, Italy, California and France. So grab a glass and have some great appetizers at Trostel’s Dish. Cheers! CV

Trostel’s Dish
12851 University Ave.
Suite 400
Clive, Iowa, 50325

Mon.-Thurs. 4-9:30 p.m.
Fri.-Sat. 4-10:30 p.m.

Happy hour 4-6 p.m. daily
Mon.-Fri. $5 pizzas
Wed. Half-price wine
Fri. $5 martini menu

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