Saturday, February 17, 2018

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Belly Up

Welcome to the Bartender’s Ball


Service industry workers include more than just bartenders and waitresses/waiters. This event honors all who serve the public in the hospitality field, including hotels, restaurants, bars and even airports and airlines.

Service industry workers include more than just bartenders and waitresses/waiters. This event honors all who serve the public in the hospitality field, including hotels, restaurants, bars and even airports and airlines.

I know a woman who once made a snap decision to break up with her summer fling after witnessing his condescending treatment of a fast food employee at the drive-up window. OK, it was me. I kicked the dude to the curb, and it was one decision I never reflected upon with doubt or question.

It takes a certain kind of jerk to treat another human being with such pompous belligerence — and for no justifiable reason. Being blatantly disrespectful to someone who prepares or serves your food or drink is not only rude but imprudent… and a total deal breaker. B-bye.

On the other hand, it also takes a special brand of patience and good humor to work in the service industry, because you encounter such aforementioned jerks daily. Anyone who has ever worked a job where the primary duty is to serve others’ needs — to guarantee the satisfaction of a fickle patronage — possesses a rare and saintly quality that’s lacking in the world. A fellow or former server knows the practice it takes to be nice even after some ignoramus has ruined your mood.

They have a quality in them that can disarm the disgruntled grumps with immunity to the pissed-off plague. Despite the bad apples, they genuinely like people. With a cavalier demeanor, they float from guest to guest despite the aches of the day, and you can tell they genuinely enjoy what they do. What a gift.


People who don’t share that personable quality depend on their waiters, waitresses, bartenders, cooks, housekeepers, valet drivers and others to make their day more bearable. What would we do without them?

That’s why, if you’re reading this, you’re officially invited to Cityview’s First Annual Bartender’s Ball — and no, it isn’t just for bartenders but all service industry personnel. The Bartender’s Ball is an awards ceremony honoring Cityview readers’ favorite personalities in the service industry. Since mid-July, the public has been casting votes in 40 different categories — some are true honors for the recipient, such as the King, Queen and Journeyman awards, while others are meant in good humor (the favorite Cougar and Silver Fox, for example).

Hundreds were nominated, and votes have been tallied. But no one will know who has earned the crown for Favorite DJ, Bar Star, Sunday Funday Bartender and others until the night of the Ball. The public is urged to not only attend so this debut event is successful but, more importantly, to take this unique opportunity to sincerely say thanks to the people who have put up with our drunken follies, cleaned up our careless spills, re-stocked the restroom T.P. and still managed to not punch anyone’s loud mouth. See? Saint-like.

“This event is a great opportunity to recognize all of the hard worker’s in the service industry. It’s a way for the public to show their appreciation for all of the wonderful people who make Des Moines an entertaining city,” explained event organizer Ashley Sohl.

And it’s long overdue if you ask the party host Paul Richter, cocktail broker for The Venue, which is where the inaugural Ball will take place.

“Our service industry here in Des Moines is truly top notch. I’ve been to lots of other cities all over the country, and I would put Des Moines’ service industry up against any of them when it comes to talent, work ethic and quality of service. It’s time to recognize these people and give them the credit they deserve.” CV

WHERE: The Venue at Court Center, 216 Court Ave., second floor
WHEN: Sunday, Aug. 25 and starts at 7 p.m.
ENTERTAINERS AND EMCEES: Jason Garnett hosts and featuring live music by Brad Seidenfeld, D.D.E.P., Mint, DJ Coach G and DJ Brett B.
CAPACITY: 400-700

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