Saturday, February 24, 2018

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Belly Up

Dance the night away at the new West Cab


Lesson 7 played at West Cab last week, one of the first of many live performances to orientate the new stage since the venue added it and a dance floor this year.

Lesson 7 played at West Cab last week, one of the first of many live performances to orientate the new stage since the venue added it and a dance floor this year.

Those familiar with West Cabaret may have noticed some major changes in the place lately. The already-popular bar is sure to turn some heads this summer. While West Cab has been a wildly popular fixture in the West Glen bar scene, new owners decided it was time for some changes. What was once a happening bar with a smokers’ patio has transformed into a glamorous nightspot.

Since first opening in the hip West Glen Town Center, the original owners enjoyed immediate success but eventually decided to sell to Andy Martin and Doug Aldridge last October.

“We thought Cabaret needed a facelift,” new general manager John Benson explained.

And so things began to change. Martin and Aldridge immediately started to gut the place and create a fresher and trendier look. Everything new in West Cab was inspired by trips to bigger-city bars. The addition of plush couches makes guests feel like VIPs, and tiered seating throughout gives the space a more inviting feel.


West Cab has gone from a bar/patio to a premiere Moulin Rouge-esque nightclub that evokes images of its Cabaret namesake. Remodeling first began at the end of January and is expected to be fully completed by the end of June. Amazingly, the bar has managed to stay open throughout the entire process by only closing off and working on small sections at a time.

The initial noticeable addition is a stage and vast dance floor. The bar will offer concert-quality sound system and lights to host bands and DJs every weekend. Guests can snag the best spot in the house and listen to music all night in the new VIP area, complete with white, leather couches and an LED drink menu.

March’s grand reopening showcased just how far the bar has come, but even more changes are on the horizon: The main bar currently sits against a red wall that will soon be knocked out and pushed back to make room for a horseshoe-shaped bar; the patio is on the list to be completely revamped; and a 100 percent smoke-free second entrance and section is in the works, too.

“They spared no expense,” Benson said.

The fresh look comes just in time for summer. The sexy, young crowd the bar is known to attract has found a new playground. And with the weather heating up, it’s no doubt the dance floor will, too. CV

West Cabaret
560 S. Prairie View Drive, West Des Moines
(515) 225-1105
Hours: Sun.-Sat. 3 p.m.-2 a.m.
Capacity: 383


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