Saturday, November 27, 2021

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Are you ready to grow your business?


David Ling VP, Business Banking Manager

If you’ve been successfully running your business for some time now, you may be exploring ways to expand. Here are three important signs your business is ready for growth:

1. A consistent increase in profits in the last three to five years, and steady, positive cash flow that can keep up with your short-term financing needs.

2. New market opportunities and increased customer demand. Are your customers asking for more products,
expanded service hours or additional locations?

3. A strong team you can rely on. Take a look at your management team and determine if you have the right
support to expand.

Prep Iowa

If you have demonstrated financial strength, see market opportunities and have a strong team at your side, it may
be time to put your growth plans into action. After you’ve created a plan, explore financing options that will
help make it a reality.

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