Friday, August 12, 2022

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Should your company buy or lease its technology?


Eric Drexler
Managing Director, Commercial Leasing

Technology is ever-evolving and change happens in the blink of an eye. Many
times you’ve just purchased and installed your equipment when something bigger
and better is announced. Leasing has many advantages, such as:

• Conserving cash – When you lease equipment, you pay as the equipment
is used, rather than making one up-front payment.

• Tax benefits – Rather than depreciating the equipment over a long period of time, leasing can enable you to expense the equipment in regular intervals.
Always consult a tax advisor.

• Efficiency – Direct your resources where they will be best used. Rather than going through large-scale technology overhauls every few years, leasing can allow you to rotate equipment quickly and efficiently.

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While the economy is doing well today, recession will come eventually. Finding
efficiencies now can help prevent making more significant cuts down the road. When you consider the time and cost savings certain technology can provide,
it’s worth considering leasing now.

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