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Cover Story: Power play

For Bev Swecker, there's simply no other word to describe the past eight years. There's no other way to sum up nearly a decade of legal battles that have turned a Dana farmer into a rural crusader for renewable energy >> more

Jon Gaskell: Now we're getting somewhere

Putting away 'real' predators for 25 years makes perfect sense

Sen. Larry McKibbon, a blowhard Steve King wannabe who often finds his way into this publication's "Winners & Losers" column - as a loser - is among a group of Republican senators that is going to push hard this session for a law that would require a mandatory 25-year prison sentence >> more

Civic Skinny: Culver: 'I haven't peaked'

Insiders say Blouin source is full of hot air

Gubernatorial candidate Chet Culver dismissed a comment in last week's "Civic Skinny" from a top Mike Blouin supporter that his campaign has "peaked," we were told. "Mike is trying to take a dire situation and create some buzz," a top party official told us. "But it is going to take a miracle for him to make a race of it. >> more

Food Dude : Mojos on 86th

By Jim Duncan

Rob Beasley's reputation as Des Moines' boldest, edgiest chef is longstanding. At Adam and Abby's, the Varsity and the Gilded Emporium, the Louisianan developed a loyal following by giving locals an every-day-is-Mardi Gras experience, and by playing with more decadent flavors than are generally permitted to walk the streets of Iowa >> more

Scene Scribe : Dark songs epitomize Miss Autopsy's 'Sweet Killers'

By Michael Swanger

Prairie City singer-songwriter-guitarist Steve Beyerink says writing songs is therapeutic, but one has to wonder whether there are enough songs in his dark soul to cure his tombstone blues after listening to his one-man band Miss Autopsy's sophomore album, "Sweet Killers." >>more

City Sounds : Mississippi melting pot

By Michael Swanger

Jimbo Mathus reinvents the Delta with genius, soul

Mississippi's greatest export is its music. The birthplace of the blues and . . . >>more

City Sounds2 : Bending strings, stereotypes

Ask most anyone who they think are the greatest guitarists of all time and chances are they'll rattle off a list of men faster than you can say "Johnny B. Goode . . . >>more

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