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Guest Commentary:

by Michael Gartner

A generation or two ago, when there was still a Des Moines Tribune, a reporter wrote a long profile of David Kruidenier, chairman and publisher of the Tribune and the Des Moines Register and one of the two or three most powerful people in town. >> more

Cover Story: Down and out in paradise

Homelessness is on the rise in the suburbs

by Michael Swanger

It was a moment Lindsey Storrs will never forget. As she was punched in the head through the shower door of her South Side home on Halloween night and saw the lifelessness in the eyes of her attacker - her live-in boyfriend and father of her two infant boys - she realized she had to find a new place to live. >> more

Jon Gaskell: Hey, stupid

You have to pass to play

This is for the dumb kid in row two, his dumb parents, his coach who could not care less about him beyond the season and his athletic director who somehow thinks that it's unfair that he has to actually pass his classes in order to play sports. First, wake his sorry ass up. >> more

Civic Skinny: Clash of the titans

Much attention has been paid to the Iowa Lottery TouchPlay program that many legislators feel to be an end-run around state gambling laws and how slot-like the machines are; and with Gov. Tom Vilsack asking Lottery CEO Ed Stanek to issue a moratorium . . . >> more

Food Dude : Christopher's

By Jim Duncan

Christopher's has balanced family casualness and fine dining since before the days of liquor by the drink. Regular customers think it's the most comfortable place in town, but to a Des Moines writer, it's the ultimate in intimidation, the haunt of two of the most intelligent scribes who ever penned local commentary. Donald Kaul and James Flansburg hung their hats . . . >> more

Scene Scribe : Moskowitz's debut album is artful

By Michael Swanger

Innovative and eclectic rock artists often have been art students who channeled their creativity through music, and Michael Moskowitz, an 18-year-old senior at Valley High School in West Des Moines, is one of them. >>more

City Sounds : The carpenter

By Michael Swanger

Love of land, family is framework for William Elliott Whitmore's organic music

William Elliott Whitmore says writing a song is a lot like building a house. And if his organic sound is any indication of his skill as a "chainsaw carpenter," it should come as no surprise . . . >>more

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