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Cover Story: The wonder year

Films and performances that packed 2005

By Dan Vinson

This past year was a "bad news, good news" one for movies. First: the bad. Hollywood will seemingly never learn its lesson. This year's bad movies were truly hideous and increasingly expensive to make, which drives up ticket ... >> more

Guest Commentary: Urban renewal versus urban legend

By Kent Carlson

Urban legends abound. Wikipedia says, "Urban legends are not necessarily untrue, but they are often false, distorted, exaggerated, or sensationalized." We've heard hundreds of them. However the most prolific prevaricators seem to be politicians and their cronies. It seems there's always some new, convoluted economic development plan popping up on the 6 o'clock news... >> more

Civic Skinny:

Sorry, there is no article this week. Please check back next week or view previous articles in the archives section. >> more

Food Dude : Best & Worst of 2005

By Jim Duncan

Best new restaurants

The year 2005 was the finest year of the decade for new restaurants in town, with seven joints blowing our napkins away.

1. Dish. This tapas bar in Clive has a style, a kitchen and menu all its own. Paul and Troy Trostel are longtime culinary trailblazers, especially regarding appetizers. So it's no surprise they re-defined that genre ... >> more

Scene Scribe : Veteran singer-songwriter plays opening of Cafè Diem

By Michael Swanger

After 30 years of performing in rock bands and as a solo artist, Johnston singer-songwriter John Burns has seen just about everything and played nearly every joint in town.

On Saturday, Burns can add another venue to the long list of places he's played when he helps usher in the grand opening of Cafè Diem, located at 2005 S. Ankeny Blvd. in Ankeny, with a free performance at 7:30 p.m. The show not only celebrates the opening of a new live music venue in Central Iowa (replacing the former New Day Coffeehouse at the same location), but it also marks the 30th anniversary >>more

City Sounds : Union Pulse beating the drum for no-frills rock

By Michael Swanger

The landscape of rock music today is so convoluted you need an ethnomusicologist's degree to navigate it - unless you're describing Union Pulse.

Though they cite early '90s alternative rock bands like the Gin Blossoms, Soul Asylum and Live as primary influences, Union Pulse's straight-ahead rock has a timeless quality to it that prevents it from fitting neatly into one of rock's many subgenres. Lead singer, guitarist and songwriter James Redding >>more

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