It's Your Money:

Paid for by the taxpayers in...

Des Moines:

Amount: $1,823.50
To: Kathie Watts, Sister City Commission
For: Reimbursement for fees paid to the Shine-Link International Group for five days travel in China, regarding the 20th Anniversary of Des Moines' sister city relationship. Included in the five days: a day-long city tour of Beijing, including the Great Wall, Summer Palace, Tiananmen Square and the enjoyment of "a Beijing duck dinner;" a half-day tour to the Forbidden City and lunch at the scenic Beihai Park; shopping in the new Xiu Shui Market; and a visit to the Temple of Heaven.
Filed: Dec. 1

Amount: $1,048.52
To: Officer Brenda Ingle
For: Reimbursement for travel to Golden, Colo., for "CrossFit" training. According to Police Lieutenant Stephen Waymire, commanding the Personnel and Training Section, "Currently, the physical fitness portion of the basic recruit class is weighted heavily towards running. We have tried to add strength training in the past but have had problems... The CrossFit program deals with more core muscle groups and has produced positive results nationwide." The total for two officer to attend the Nov. 3-7 was projected at $2,764 and Ingle's expenses included $170 for meals, $276 for lodging and $500 for registration.
Filed: Nov. 17

Amount: $838.66
To: Tom Vlassis
For: Reimbursement for travel to Washington for a recognition ceremony for the "100 Best Communities for Young People" from Nov. 1-3, including $661.82 for two nights lodging at the JW Marriott on Pennsylvania Avenue.
Filed: Dec. 1

Amount: $1,000
To: LaMar Booker
For: Payment of moving expenses, after his home was purchased by the city in 2003 following the neighborhood's designation as an Urban Renewal Area.
Filed: Dec. 1

Amount: $73.64
To: Verizon Wireless
For: Cellular phone service for the police department's "Laptop Bomb Computer" for the month of November.
Filed: Dec. 1

Amount: $101
To: Ace Karaoke
For: One "VocoPro" karaoke machine for Des Moines Parks and Recreation.
Filed: Nov. 22

Amount: $6,300
To: Bear Creek Custom Apparel
For: 750 basketball jerseys for the Department of Parks and Recreation.
Filed: Dec. 1

Amount: $207.60
To: All Makes Office Interiors
For: One "mid-back, pneumatic office chair" with select black upholstery and swivel option, shipped to Sharon at the Department of Parks and Recreation.
Filed: Nov. 28

Amount: $57.70
To: Security Locksmiths
For: Service call on Nov. 28 to open a locked file cabinet in the Public Works Call Center and make duplicate keys.
Filed: Nov. 30
Amount: $1,000
To: Apple Valley Interior Plantscaping
For: Christmas decorations for the Des Moines International Airport.
Filed: Nov. 30

Amount: $550
To: Iowa Bowling and Billiard Supply
For: One six-foot air hockey table for the Archie Brooks Community Center.
Filed: Nov. 22

Amount: $30.52
To: Leiserowitz
For: Smartees candy, Dum Dum pops and Tootsie Pops for the police department's Administrative Services division.
Filed: Nov. 28

Amount: $4,690.46
To: Progressive Insurance Co.
For: Settlement of claim for damage to Curtisteen Mitchell's car, when Police officer Kevin Lemon struck the left side of the claimant's vehicle on S.W. Seventh Street.
Filed: Nov. 30

Amount: $129.54
To: Matt Porter, Des Moines Fire Marshal
For: Reimbursement for meal expenses during a trip to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Nov. 11-16, including a $98 dinner on Nov. 13.
Filed: Dec. 1

Amount: $252.72
To: Hy-Vee
For: Food for the police department's Citizens Academy, including $209.70 for turkey, potatoes and gravy, rolls and butter, pie and pop on Nov. 15, and $43.02 for donuts, milk and cream cheese on Nov. 18.
Filed: Dec. 1

Who's giving to:

Congressman Jim Nussle

Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America: $4,000

General Electric: $3,000

Democracy Believers PAC: $2,000

News America Holdings
Inc. - Fox PAC: $1,000

Maytag Corporation Dependability Fund: $1,000

Verizon Wireless PAC: $1,000

National Emergency Medicine PAC: $1,000

Expense Report:

Jack Ketterer, administrator of the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission

Aug. 29-30: Travel to Iowa City for a Strategic Planning meeting with gaming facility general managers
Meals: $27
Lodging: $50.40

Sept. 22-26: Travel to Jackson Hole, Wyo., for the North American Pari-Mutuel Regulators Association Fall Convention
Airfare: $551.30
Lodging: $511.88
Registration: $375
Meals: $116 (including a $25 dinner on Sept. 22 and $20 breakfast on Sept. 26)
Car rental and gas: $202.66

Oct. 3-5: Travel to San Diego for the 13th International Simulcast Conference
Airfare: $284.80
Registration: $345
Lodging: $285.46 (at $142.73 per night)
Meals: $84.40 (including a $28 dinner on Oct. 3)

Salaries and such

The Department of Inspections and Appeals employs nine state inspectors to conduct food safety inspections in the 20 counties- including Polk County - under the department's jurisdiction. Inspectors earn between $37,377 and $54,204 annually.

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