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Operator: 911 . . .

Caller: Uh, I don't know if we're calling the right number or not, we're having a garage sale and a lady tried to steal our money and now she's trying to get out of here, but we got her keys... Is that important enough?
O: Where's that at?
C: Northwest 75th Place.
O: OK. And you got her stopped there?
C: Yeah, I got her keys.
O: And she didn't display any weapons or anything, did she?
C: No, she was trying to get out of here and we've been looking and looking and we loaded her car with furniture and my wife got her purse and opened her purse and it was right there in her purse.
O: OK.
C: [to someone at the scene] You know, that's pretty low, man.
O: OK, we'll get an officer right up there.
C: Thank you.

Officer's Report: Upon arrival, I was approached by Chad, who stated a female subject, Sandra, had taken a brown bag containing their garage sale money. Chad had the car keys belonging to the offender, keeping her from leaving, which he gave to me. Apparently, while at the sale Sandra asked Heather if she could use her phone and, upon return, Sandra paid for items purchased. Heather asked Chad to assist in loading these items. Heather then noticed that their money bag was missing, right after Sandra had been near it. Heather and Chad confronted Sandra, who was in a real hurry to leave. They approached Sandra while she was in her vehicle and found the money bag in Sandra's purse, so Heather grabbed it from her. The victims believe Sandra bought the items using money she had taken from them moments earlier. I arrested Sandra and asked why she had the money bag. She replied that someone must have put it in there.

Operator: 911 . . .

Caller: Hey, it's Des Moines [police]. Send somebody to Mercy on a stabbing report. It happened up on Broadway... somewhere up in the county, so I'm supposed to get a representative from the county.
O: They still alive?
C: Yeah. Yeah, he's not critical.
O: What room?
C: Um, he's the one in the ER bleeding. I don't know what room.
O: OK, just wondering because there's like 40 down there. We'll get somebody out there.

Officer's Report: I met with Daniel, who had been stabbed twice in the left side. He said he had left the 500 block of N.E. Broadway and a blue Dodge Intrepid driven by Nolan pulled off the road in front of him and Nolan got out and told him, "Give me all your shit." Daniel said Nolan grabbed a gold necklace he had around his neck and pulled it off, so Daniel punched him and knocked him down. He said Nolan dropped the necklace, stood back up and pulled out a pocket knife and stabbed him twice, then got in his car and left. Daniel said he also saw a 9mm-type handgun laying on the car seat. Daniel said he didn't want to press charges.


Operating his business out of the same building that housed a recycling center, Ricky Colbert defrauded his industrial neighbor to make his world a little greener.

Silver Crest Recycling Center, the Des Moines resident knew, held a contract with the Dr. Pepper/7-Up Bottling Group to crush their redeemed cans, sell them as scrap and pay them a portion of the profit. And Colbert, along with co-conspirator Clay Rodgers, decided to take a bite out of the profit chain by taking bags of the already-redeemed, but still-intact cans back to Patterson Redemption Center and cash them in a second time. But the scheme went sour when a Bottling Group employee spied the duo and led the police to tag more than 1,000 bags with a UV marker. Once that tainted merchandise appeared at the redemption center a suspicious second time, Colbert and Rodgers were arrested.

Colbert admitted to fraudulent practices in the first degree and based on receipts from late May to early August 2003, officials estimated the two were raking in approximately $5,000 per month. Given their suspicion that the scheme lasted nearly two years, the state alleged the two had cashed in on more than $100,000 in illicit profit. According to the bottling company, their redemption rates went up more than 2 percent over that period and incurred more than $94,000 in undue redemption costs thanks to the double-dealing of Colbert and Rodgers. Based on that information, the uncanny criminals' joint restitution was set at $92,891.

But, Colbert wasn't ready to trash his case just yet and, like the defendant, the Appeals Court was impressed with the district's reasoning. "We note with skepticism the quality of proof from which we are asked to infer a causal connection between the restitution ordered by the district court and the criminal acts committed by Colbert," the appeals judges noted incredulously. For instance, if that 2.3 percent increase in redemption was a city-wide statistic, the judges wondered, how could the district court solely attribute that rise to Colbert's illegal scheme? And, just because he purportedly swindled $5,000 per month during the period tracked by the police, the judges questioned, who's to say that held true for the entire 20 months he was alleged to have cheated? Not to mention, without significant evidence, even the charge that it lasted 20 months was tenuous, they pointed out.

"We are therefore extremely reluctant to uphold the full amount of restitution ordered by the district court when to do so would require us to bridge these wide gulfs in the evidence with less than reasonable inferences," they ruled. So to bridge the gap between shaky reasoning and questionable math, the judges reversed and remanded the case back to Polk County this month for a more fact-based punishment.


Landlord: Florencio and Paula Estrada
Address: 1172 19th St.
Violations: Siding, soffit and trim in poor repair with chipped and peeling paint
Action: After several renovation extensions had come and gone, the Housing Appeals Board voted to send the property to legal without a penalty fine.


Name: Marco Rios
Place of Incident: Downtown Des Moines
Posed for this picture because: Rios was spotted by an Operation Downtown security officer last week, allegedly kicking back in the Fourth and Walnut bus shelter smoking marijuana. After being confronted, Rios allegedly put the marijuana in a potato chip bag, and tried to run, striking the officer in the head with his elbow. To prevent his escape, the security officer "grabbed him by the waist and threw him on the ground" before he was taken to Polk County Jail on charges of possession of narcotics and assault with injury.


According to the City of Des Moines' Sept.ember report, the following individuals and organizations owe the city reimbursements for services rendered by the Des Moines Police Department. All fees were due Aug. 23.

- The Des Moines Arts Festival, which took place June 24-26, owes the city $12,509.92.

- Ann Marie Brick and the "Dam to Dam" race, which took place on June 4, owe the city $3,596.01.

- The Des Moines Symphony, which hosted Yankee Doodle Pops concert on July 1, owes the city $1,352,89.

- The Capital City Pride parade, which took place on June 12, owes the city $38.55.


Des Moines Police - Sept. 8

2:33 p.m. Assault at Harding Middle School involving a student with a history of assault starting a fight with another student, punching the victim in the mouth and employing another student to hold the victim from behind while he punched him in the chest and back of the head. Both students were suspended.

3:15 p.m. Burglary in the 4000 block of N. Union, involving a victim alerted by his bank that there had been suspicious transactions on his debit card, the subsequent discovery of his billfold missing from a shelf just inside his front door, and reports from neighbors that they had observed a suspicious male in his late teens ringing doorbells in the area.

3:30 p.m. Burglary in the 2600 block of E. 37th, involving a woman who broke up with an ex-boyfriend in July, moved in with a friend, and left her household possessions in the garage before a witness (who dated the suspect 10 years ago) observed that ex-boyfriend loading the items into a pick-up truck last week.

4:20 p.m. Domestic assault on S.E. 14th involving a truant Lincoln High School student allegedly open-hand slapping and then repeatedly punching her mother in the parking lot of their residence, before being "openly belligerent" to police during arrest.

4:22 p.m. Burglary in the 3200 block of Indianola Avenue, involving a front door to an apartment pried open, and the theft of various gold bracelets and rings, a camera and video camera.

4:35 p.m. Burglary in the 2800 block of Capitol, involving a back door and rear window pried open and the theft of gold and diamond jewelry, five cameras, a DVD player and unknown number of coins.

5:18 p.m. Assault with injury in the 3800 block of 48th Place, involving a resident getting angry at a staff member over her house chores, and punching her several times in response, despite previous warnings about assault.

5:30 p.m. Burglary in the 2800 block of Maple, involving a front door pried open, the house ransacked, but nothing identified as missing.


Name: Erin Marie Eckel
Arrested: Sept. 5
Third offense

Name: John Thomas Adamson
Arrested: Sept. 5
First offense

Name: Moises Baltazar
Arrested: Sept. 5
First offense

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