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Posted September 25, 2013in Iowa Watchdog

Coralville debt spurs record number of candidates challenging incumbents

CORALVILLE, Iowa—The City Council of Coralville has piled up about $280 million in debt in recent years, the highest debt per capita for a city in Iowa. The $14,511 burden for each of its 19,219 residents is seven times higher than Des Moines or Iowa City. It’s enough to pay for 38

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Posted September 25, 2013in Iowa Watchdog

Iowa GOP moves caucus, convention dates

The Republican Party of Iowa voted Monday to change the date of the 2014 caucus and state convention, ending months of infighting with Democrats over different caucus dates and internal party wrangling over the date of the convention. Democrats have long settled on Jan. 21, a Tuesday, as the precinct caucus

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Posted September 25, 2013in Book Review

‘The World’s Strongest Librarian’ finds humor, faith despite Tourette

Courtesy of Beaverdale Books Review by Sally Wisdom Gotham Books  May 2, 2013 $26 291 pp. Would a book with the title “The World’s Strongest Librarian” appeal to anyone other than a librarian? It would be a shame if not, because Josh Hanagarne has written a warm, funny, heartbreaking yet

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Posted September 25, 2013in Rap Sheet

On the clock

Play the “Name That Crime” Quiz!   A LONG LIMP TO THE ER A homeless man walked into Broadlawns emergency room with a gunshot wound just after 3:30 a.m. on Sept. 18. He said he had been walking down Southwest Ninth Street near County Line Road when he hear a

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Posted September 25, 2013in Sound Notes

The Iowa State University Symphony is performing a world music exhibition this week as a part of its Youth Matinee Series. Taking place on Friday, Sept. 27 at Stephens Auditorium in Ames, the concert will feature pieces from China, France, Armenia, Mexico and the United States and will be followed

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Posted September 25, 2013in Cover Story

Our readers’ best shots photo contest

Photographers call it “having the eye.” It’s a unique look at the mundane; it’s seeing things others might disregard, viewing something that is too often mistaken for normal, ordinary or commonplace. But with a tilt of the head and a squint of an eye, that otherwise average observation shows itself

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Posted September 25, 2013in Art

Judge an album by its cover at Drake

Walking into the Anderson Gallery at Drake University is not like walking into an art gallery at all. It’s more like walking into a record store from 40 years ago. Posters of The Beatles and Pink Floyd record albums are on the wall, and music is playing just loud enough

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Posted September 25, 2013in Locker Room

Playing for ‘Keeps’

It’s a little known fact that Iowa is actually home to one of the largest and longest-running antique marble shows in the United States. For the past 36 years, the show has been held in the Amana Colonies/Coralville area under the name Amana/Iowa Marble Meet. “The first show was actually

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Posted September 25, 2013in Political Mercury

Top Latino congressman: King should keep talking

A veteran Chicago congressman shaping the raging immigration debate says he has a powerful accidental ally in U.S. Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa. “Every time he opens his mouth, he helps the pro-immigrant movement in this nation,” U.S. Rep. Luis Gutiérrez, an 11-term Democrat, said in an interview in his Washington,

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Posted September 25, 2013in On The Tube

Pardon my Parkinson’s

Michael J. Fox is one of our most beloved sitcom stars (“Family Ties,” “Spin City”), and he’s become even more so during his fight with Parkinson’s disease. With “The Michael J. Fox Show” (Thursday, 8 p.m., NBC), he returns to sitcoms as an unconventional leading man, given the involuntary contortions

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