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Posted April 29, 2013in Featured Story, Iowa Watchdog

Weak transparency laws leave Iowans in the dark

DES MOINES — When it comes to transparency in government, Iowa agencies face few consequences if they break the state’s open records and meetings laws, some state officials say. Under state law, the only way for Iowans to remedy potential violations is to take taxpayer-funded agencies to court, which is a

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Secret information

Secret information has to be out there, right? Some super top-secret information that tells us how to be strong, smart and beautiful. Otherwise it just doesn’t make any sense. You’re not sure what I mean? OK, go out to the Abercrombie and Fitch store in Jordan Creek and pick up

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North of Grand: Doing The Right Thing

Ten years is a lot of miles for a local band. That’s a lot of crappy shows in cheap bars, a lot of time in the van and a lot of partying. As North of Grand gets ready to celebrate its 10th birthday, the guys involved are proud of where

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‘INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US’ (T) **** Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Xbox 360 Tricked into killing Lois Lane and destroying Metropolis, the Man of Steel loses his mettle and decides that the best way to protect mankind is to rule it with an iron fist. At least, that’s what happens in

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Posted April 24, 2013in Film Review

Menaces in the machine

“Disconnect” 4 stars Rated R 115 minutes Drama Starring: Jason Bateman, Hope Davis, Jonah Bobo In an age where people obsess over their cell phones to the exclusion of the physical world around them, a dystopian malady takes over. Identity theft, online bullying and interactive porn sites each play a

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Sound Notes Pick o’ the Week

Pianist Raymond Songayllo has retired from the Des Moines Civic Center’s Symphony Academy faculty. Since joining the Symphony Academy 10 years ago, Songayllo has taught private piano and composition lessons, courses in theory and ear training and coached student chamber music ensembles. The Val Air Ballroom has events lined up

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Passion for PICKING

Ever go dumpster diving, curb shopping or garbage picking? If not, you might be missing out. Some people actually make a good living that way — pilfering through others’ castaways. It’s the slightly less glamorous way of “going green,” and it’s catching on like a fever, especially this time of

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Posted April 24, 2013in Belly Up

Keeping it classy at 515 Brewing Co.

They’re not the Brady Bunch, per se, but the way the 515 Brewing Company was formed was a similar joining of families. Two women became friends while working together. They had lot in common, hence the friendship that formed. One of those commonalities was their husbands. Both men shared the

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Greek tragedy with happy ending

The James Beard Awards, the Pulitzer’s of food, recently honored George Formaro of Orchestrate Management among the nation’s top 20 restaurateurs. Of all the many honors thrown at our city’s restaurants and chefs during in the last 10 years, that was the most impressive. Formaro graduated from bakery owner to

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