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Posted January 30, 2013in Duffy

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Posted January 30, 2013in The Sound

Lynch tops charts on wings of ‘Angels’

Dustin Lynch has been playing country music since he was 15, but for this Tennessee boy, his story really starts at The Bluebird. The Bluebird Café is one of the holiest spots in the country music mecca of Nashville, Tenn. Opened in 1982, the venue features a weekly singer/songwriter night

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Posted January 30, 2013in Good Bad Ugly

The good The Des Moines Area Association of Realtors Foundation recently announced that, since 2000, it has given more than $300,000 to local Des Moines charities to meet community needs. The Foundation donated $41,000 in 2012 to Central Iowa Shelter, Anawim House, Children and Families of Iowa, House of Mercy,

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Posted January 30, 2013in Film Review

Living large

“Stand Up Guys” 3 stars Rated R 94 mins. Comedy Starring: Al Pacino, Alan Arkin, Christopher Walken “Stand Up Guys” is a respectable compact crime drama comedy about camaraderie among a passing generation of retired wiseguys. There’s still some honor among thieves. Christopher Walken, Al Pacino and Alan Arkin play

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Posted January 30, 2013in Your Money

Paid for by taxpayers in… Des Moines

Amount: $19,030.60 To: CPMI Construction LC For: Payment for construction project at the Grandview Golf Course Clubhouse.   Amount: $10,994.44 To: The Hansen Company Inc. For: Payment for construction to Glendale Cemetery Columbaria Plaza and Niches.   Amount: $1,782.38 To: Joiner Construction Company For: Payment for construction to the downtown

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Posted January 30, 2013in Civic Skinny, Featured Story

Harkin shakes things up and leaves a legacy. Your Legislature at work: Nipple rings, free food

There have been four spectacular Democrats in Iowa in the past 50 years: Harold Hughes, Neal Smith, Tom Vilsack and Tom Harkin. Harold Hughes fathered the community-college system and liquor by the drink, fundamentally changing the state. Neal Smith provided Iowa with everything Mother Nature didn’t — lakes and greenways,

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Posted January 30, 2013in Joe's Neighborhood, Recent Posts

The Shoemaker or the Elf

Do you remember “The Elves and the Shoemaker” by the Brothers Grimm? You know, a typical redemption story — great guy, good worker, family man, not enough food, one last piece of leather, and, voila, new leather shoes appear that are made by elves. Magical, little people save the family

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Posted January 30, 2013in Book Review, Recent Posts

‘Truth in Advertising’

Courtesy of Beaverdale Books Review by Cathryn Lang Touchstone Books 1/22/13 $24.99 320 pp. We are nearing Super Bowl Sunday, and what do we look forward to the most? Yes, of course, those memorable commercials. Former ad man and New Yorker contributor John Kenny has written his debut novel about

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Posted January 30, 2013in Your View

Stop enacting vote- suppressing measures

New voter ID laws and voter purge rules proposed by Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz and Republican legislative leaders impose an unconstitutional burden on the right to vote. These vote-suppressing laws and rules will only disenfranchise many low-income, elderly and minority voters along with new immigrant citizens.                 In a

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Posted January 30, 2013in Sound Stage

Thankful Dirt

In the 2003 film “Lost In Translation” Bill Murray’s character is in Japan to shoot a commercial wherein his only line is: “For relaxing times, make it Santori Time.” Well, Des Moines, for relaxing times, make it Thankful Dirt time.               The band is anchored by the duo of Darren and

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