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The Top Five Games of 2012

1.) ‘JOURNEY’ (E) Sony Computer Entertainment PlayStation Network The best game of the year can be finished in a single sitting. In fact, it has to be. You don’t get to kill anything, and nothing you encounter can kill you. You never learn the name of your avatar or the

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Paid for by taxpayers in… City of Des Moines

Amount: $12,651.27 To: Menards Inc. For: Purchase of construction materials for a lean-to building at Supply Yard South, including delivery $49.95 in delivery fees.   Amount: $1,750 To: 1 Staff Training (Omaha, Neb.) For: Purchase of two Adobe Premier CS6 systems at $399 a piece, including onsite delivery travel costs

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Instagate: Much ado about nothing

The popular photo-sharing website Instagram modified its legal terms of service last week causing insta-outrage across the Internet. Many interpreted it as Instagram allowing itself to “sell” users’ images to third parties, as in, transfer copyright and ownership. This caused so much backlash that the Instagram “export” service, Copygram, was

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The good The National Family Partnership (NFP) recently announced the winners of the 2012 National Red Ribbon Photo Contest: “The Best Me Is Drug Free.” The nation’s oldest and largest drug prevention campaign reaches more than 80 million people every year. Students from throughout the U.S. participated by decorating their

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Together we make Des Moines better I just wanted to send a quick note of appreciation for the innovative approach to Chad Taylor’s feature story about the Wild Rose Independent Film Festival’s 10th Anniversary event (“Coming Up Roses,” Nov. 8). His story was well-written, and Kimberly and I enjoyed our

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‘Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power’

Courtesy of Beaverdale Books Review by Harriet Leitch Random House Nov. 13, 2012 $35 800 pp. Another biography of Thomas Jefferson! Jon Meacham has written an authoritative, detailed biography of Jefferson, illuminating the politics and concerns of that time and the abilities of Mr. Jefferson to bend his personal ideals

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Sound Notes Pick o’ the Week

By the time everyone reads this — no doubt from the comfort of your new smoking jacket or Trans Am, or whatever people give one another as gifts nowadays — the city will have probably dug itself out from underneath Thundersnowpocalypse 2013. The storm wreaked havoc on the previous week’s

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We’re just about ready to put a bow on another 365. The only piece of advice I’d give you for the year ahead is: Don’t buy a new calendar until after the New Year. They always go, like, half off. Buying them before then is just throwing your money away.

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CD Reviews

Various Artists ‘JDR Winter Mixtape’ Jeffery Drag Records Nashville-based Jeffery Drag has fairly quickly established itself as one of the finer establishments for all the various flavors of punk music on the market today. As a nice, little primer into its stable of talent, JDR has put together its “Winter

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