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Your Money

September 20, 2012
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Paid for by taxpayers in…City of Des Moines

Compiled By Rebecca Bowen

(paid during the week of Sept. 10)

Amount: $372,251.50

To: Greater Des Moines Convention and Visitors Bureau

For: Payment for the city’s quarterly share of the hotel/motel tax.

Amount: $610

To: Crane Rental and Rigging (Omaha, Neb.)

For: Rental fees to use a crane to install a new pump for the Southtown Simming Pool at Southwest 9th and Southeast Porter streets (3.5 hours of regular work at $150 per hour and half an hour of over-time at $170 per hour).

Amount: $18,669

To: Diversity Farms

For: Purchase of replacement native plants for a Gray’s Lake shoreline restoration and Sargent Park project.

Amount: $6,000

To: Nestingen Inc.

For: Payment for the installation of vice and narcotics software at the police department in order to create and implement a program for “vice narcotic complaint, cases and seized property information retention.”

Amount: $999

To: Carter Printing Company

For: Purchase of 1,500 no-parking signs.

Amount: $552

To: Burgin Drapery Workroom Inc.

For: Purchase of two mini blinds for the property management department at the police station.

Amount: $2,715.52

To: Renaissance Des Moines Savery Hotel

For: Cost of using the Terrace Ballroom and buffet for the Service Awards Dinner on Sept. 13.

Amount: $1,105

To: Violation Processing Center (Latham, N.Y.)

For: Payment for 18 red light and speed camera citations from Aug. 31 to Sept. 6 at $65 a piece.

Amount: $2,574

To: Jim’s John Inc.

For: Rental and service fees to supply additional kaibos for athletics at Savage Park, for the Star Party at Ewing Park and the triathlon concert in the city hall parking lot and at Fifth and Grand.

Amount: $1,482.73

To: University Printing Services

For: Purchase of 250 Band-Aid holders ($262.50), 250 larger carbiners, ($272), 1,000 recruitment brochures ($414.28) and 500 hand sanitizers ($460) for the parks and rec department.

Amount: $746.50

To: Paul Ecke Ranch (Encinitas, Calif.)

For: Purchase of eight trays of poinsettia cuttings for the parks and rec department, including $144 in shipping fees.

Salaries and Such

Name Paul Rhodes

Title Iowa State University Head Football Coach

Department Iowa State Athletics

Years served 3 years as head coach

Annual salary $1,099,999.96


The Des Moines City Council recently approved Identification Technician Rex Sparks to travel to Tucson, Ariz., from Sept. 30 – Oct. 6 to attend the 2012 International Association of Bloodstain Pattern Analysts conference. The conference promises to fulfill the continuing education Sparks needs to maintain expert witness status as a bloodstain pattern analyst for the city. This item comes with a $1,830 price tag to local taxpayers. CV

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