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September 6, 2012
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Thank-you, Civic Skinny; no thanks to Register for price hike

Thank you for your comments about the The Des Moines Register’s price hike in the Civic Skinny column. I was one of the (apparently many) people who sent an email after their price hike debacle requesting that you take them on. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Dale Engle

Des Moines

Romney knows nothing about true welfare reform

Everyone acts like welfare reform was all about sending mothers into the workforce and alone provide for the children. Welfare reform was about holding both parents responsible for the children. It contained historic child support enforcement tools that states such as Iowa are ignoring. In 1998 President Bill Clinton signed into law the Deadbeat Parent Punishment Act to go after deadbeat parents (mostly dads) who cross state lines to avoid paying their legal and moral obligations to their children. Again it does little good when the U.S. attorneys refuse to apply the law to qualifying cases. In Iowa about one-billion dollars are owed to children by deadbeats, and demanding that the state enforces the court-ordered child support obligations gets one nowhere. One mother, who is owed more than $11,000 in back support on behalf of her 5-year-old daughter, received intimidating calls from the state agency accusing her of being vindictive for just wanting the father to go to jail! They had earlier told her that when the father received social security payments (in about 30 years), she would receive more money. Until then she should be satisfied with what she received.

But the Welfare Reform Bill was a success according to Mitt Romney? With around 103-billion dollars owed to children nationwide in back court-ordered child support by deadbeat parents? I guess, perhaps, if one ignores the part that both parents are responsible for their children.

Maja Rater



Valley Junction is not producing a Quilt Walk this year as was indicated in the “Art” section of the “Fall Arts and Entertainment Guide” (Aug. 23).

In the “Outdoors” section of that same issue, the dates were misprinted for Oktoberfest, which actually takes place downtown from Sept. 28-29.

Also, Ron Lambert is the artistic director at StageWest. The article “StageWest gets ‘Evil’ with upcoming musical” (“Fall Arts and Entertainment Guide,” Aug. 23) references Ron Gilbert, who is actually the former Scriptease director.

We apologize for these errors.

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