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Sound Check

August 30, 2012
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By Chad Taylor

Camille Bloom

‘Never Out of Time’


It’s going to be impossible to listen to Camille Bloom and not draw parallels to Ani Difranco. From the whip-smart lyrics, the jangling guitar work, and — of course — Bloom’s vocals, the comparison is both easy and apropos. Most notably, tracks like “Running Out of Time” and “All of These Stains” could be dropped somewhere in the middle of Difranco’s “Dilate” without missing a beat. That being said, Bloom is certainly considerably more than just a Difranco knockoff. She’s a talented, dynamic musician, and “Never Out of Time” fairly crackles with energy. “Top of My Game” is a poppy, happily-spent two minutes of your day, while “I Know You Know I Know” has a broad, orchestral feel without losing its rock patina. From top to bottom, “Never Out of Time” is slick and satisfying. CV

Camille Bloom performs at Ritual Café on Friday, Aug. 31 at 7 p.m.


‘All Is Here’


It’s simplistic to call Parlours “the Dana Halferty show,” but there’s no doubt that the Des Moines five-piece wouldn’t have the same soul with someone else handling the mic work. From stem to stern, “All is Here” is an impeccably-paced album. With a bright, atmospheric sound ala The Envy Corps, the album features understated guitar work from Erik Knudtson backed by a solid rhythm section and a healthy dose of that indie staple, the ukulele. But what really makes the album — what unifies the sound — is that all of this is wrapped snugly in Halferty’s fluffy, breathless vocals. Dreamy and light, Halferty surrounds the album like a wad of cotton candy and gives “All is Here” enormous replay appeal. At her very best (see: “Gypsies and Sinners”), she conjures comparisons to Feist and gives Parlours a vitally important sincerity of sound. CV

Parlours CD release party is Friday, Aug. 31 at 9 p.m. $7 at the door, with River Monks and Dustin Smith.

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