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August 23, 2012
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Twitching and fidgeting

I am not exactly pleased with the way I appear in your magazine (“Seeking Shelter,” Aug. 6). It is assumed by your reporter that my “twitching and fidgeting” is due to my drug abuse. Actually I am diagnosed with severe anxiety disorder and ADD with depression. At the time, I was off medication. As far as not being able to get a hold of me, all institutions have a client/patient confidentiality agreement. Your story makes it seem like I went back to the streets and was using drugs again, when I was actually getting help from the VA. I want people to know that not all stories about drug abuse end in tragedy.

Mark A. Schuler

Des Moines

Editor’s note: Our story stated that Schuler had been off drugs for six months, and we did not state or infer that his “twitching and fidgeting” was due to any recent drug abuse but rather his past drug abuse, a fact he openly shared with our reporter. Our story also did not imply that Schuler was back on the streets using drugs but stated the fact that his whereabouts were currently unknown. We wish Mr. Schuler the best.

Windy responses

I can agree with the logic behind Sharon DeMers comments (“YourView,” Aug. 9) about wind energy tax credits that Mr. Romney wants to eliminate. But, only if all tax credits and incentives are eliminated for all companies doing business in the USA. This would include all companies involved in the production or sale of the following forms of energy — crude oil products, natural gas, coal, electricity, bio-fuels and nuclear. That would level the playing field for everyone, and then the private sector and entrepreneurs would win the battle for the energy dollar.

That being said, Mr. Romney and his conservative buddies could not stand to cut those companies off because they would lose too much money for all the benefits they have given those same companies through government tax credits and subsidies. Knowing this will never happen, I will stay on the side of wind energy tax credits and the jobs they bring to Iowa!

Leonard Gutshall

Des Moines

Sharon DeMers cannot understand why wind energy should be subsidized (“YourView,” Aug. 9). She is obviously unaware that the oil industry is receiving a $4 billion subsidy from the government. I think the country would be better served by having the $4 billion shifted to wind and other alternative energies research and continue the current $1.6 billion for wind power. Clean energy will reduce carbon dioxide levels and make the earth safer for all of us. Once the atmosphere is destroyed by short thinking people advocating as Sharon has, we will all be dead and it will be too late. Our future generations will not inherit a debt when no future generation will exist.

Mark Challis

West Des Moines

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