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Your Money

August 16, 2012
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Paid for by taxpayers in…City of Des Moines


(paid during the week of Aug. 6)

Amount: $9,870

To: The Vertical Option (Olrando, Fla.)

For: Payment for tactical training and instruction on rappelling techniques in the Tactical Rappel Master Course, Sept. 10-14, for Lieutenant Camden J. Moran of the police department, through the Iowa Department of Public Safety.

Amount: $418.77

To: MidAmerican Energy Company

For: Payment for electrical services for lights at Highland Park from May 9-July 10.

Amount: $939.63

To: ASAP (After School Arts Program)

For: Cost of materials, such as studio supplies from Dick Blick Art Supplies ($453.68) and Walmart ($136.90), musical studio supplies from Musician’s Friend ($245.88) and elephant sculpture/puppet supplies from Home Depot ($103.17), for Art Camp week at E.K. Davis Park in June.

Amount: $72,363

To: Animal Rescue League

For: Monthly payment for animal control services ($43,749.75) and lease of the shelter ($28,613.225), as per contractual agreement.

Amount: $3,567

To: Baker Electric Inc.

For: Payment for repairing or replacing a fiber cable downtown, Sixth and Mulberry and Sixth and Walnut Streets, that was damaged by Mid-American Energy (which is to reimburse the City later).

Amount: $150

To: Des Moines-Winterset Memorials

For: Payment for foundation and setting work in order to move the Scattering Memorial and reinstall it on a new foundation.

Amount: $175

To: Hazardous Materials Consulting

For: Cost of Wastewater Reclamation Facility maintenance system specialist Daryl Soderblom to attend the Department of Transportation Triennial Training Seminar on May 15, which is said to teach him “general awareness and function of specific requirements of the regulations, proper safety procedures and security awareness of those who handle hazardous materials or shipping papers in any stage of transportation.”

Amount: $26,678.91

To: Polk County Community, Family and Youth Services

For: Reimbursement for Homelessness Prevention Assistance for the month of June through the Housing Services Department.

Amount: $6,995

To: Waters Edge Aquatic Design (Lenexa, Kan.)

For: Payment for services conducting an aquatic feasibility study for outdoor city pools and the Southridge area.

Amount: $10,316.99

To: Commonwealth Electric Company

For: Payment for labor (40.5 hours at $58.55 per hour) and materials ($7,930.23) to install six Burst Powercore spot lights, three dimmers, two Color Blast Powercore fixtures and one wall controller at Central Library.

Amount: $20,804

To: Judge Center Point

For: Purchase of a 2012 seven-passenger Dodge Grand Caravan with a V-6 engine.

Amount: $50,948

To: The Omega Group (San Diego, Calif.)

For: Purchase and installation of CrimeView Dashboard project software with an upgrade and a maintenance agreement

Salaries and Such

Name John Criswell

Title Warren County Attorney

Department Warren County Attorney’s Office

Years of service Elected November, 2010; took office January, 2011

Annual salary $100,614.39


The Des Moines City Council recently approved Plumbing Inspector Brian J. Hamner to travel to Hollywood, Fla., from Sept. 22-28, to attend the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials annual education and business conference. The conference is said to provide Hamner with the opportunity to see first-hand the development process of the plumbing code changes and participate in the discussions that describe the need for the change. This comes at a cost of $2,424.14 to local tax payers. CV

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