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August 16, 2012
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Name that crime

Aug. 1 - 7

A. Assault causing bodily injury or mental illness.

B. Third-degree burglary.

C. Simple domestic abuse assault; simple assault.

D. Domestic abuse assault causing injury; fourth-degree criminal mischief; public intoxication.

E. Possession of methamphetamine; possession of marijuana with intent to deliver; possession of meth with intent to deliver; open container while driving; driving while license is denied, suspended, cancelled or revoked.

F. Fifth-degree criminal mischief; interference with official acts.

Answers for Name That Crime: 1)C 2)F 3)E 4)D 5)B 6)A

Published arrest charges are obtained from official law enforcement records, which are available to the public. All who are charged are innocent until proven guilty.

On the clock

Des Moines Police

July Aug. 2-8


A man and a passenger were behind a vehicle at a stop light at the entrance to Gray’s Lake, along Fleur Drive on Aug. 9 around 7 p.m. When the light turned green, the car in front did not move, so the man reportedly went to the driver’s side window to see if they needed help. That’s when the driver of the stopped car, who appeared to be arguing with a female passenger, allegedly grabbed the man by his shirt, punched him repeatedly in the face and drove off, dragging him an unknown distance. The alleged victim went to the hospital with facial fractures, a broken wrist and cuts to his face. He told police he couldn’t remember what happened.


A man was at Donna’s Lounge on Aug. 8 with a woman. Around 10:15 p.m., an ex-girlfriend of his showed up in the parking lot, so he went outside to talk to her. The conversation escalated, and she allegedly punched him in the face several times. Witnesses said he did not strike back, but a bleeding cut above his eye would likely require stitches. He also reportedly had swelling to his lip and cheek. The woman was later arrested for assault causing injury.


A UPS carrier arrived at a residence at the 1400 block of Delaware Street around 1:30 p.m. making a regular delivery. But this time, the recipient allegedly became enraged and began screaming threats at the carrier, who felt unsafe and tried to leave. That’s when the alleged suspect threw a jug full of an unknown substance at him. When officers arrived, he reportedly began screaming threats at them, too, showing “all the signs consistent with intoxication by meth.” He was arrested. CV

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