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August 16, 2012
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2012 Iowa State Fair Scratch & Sniff Issue

The sights, sounds and ooohhh, the smells of the Iowa State Fair brought to you like never before

Photos by Jared Curtis, Amber Williams and Dan Hodges

Born in a barn. Tastes like cake; smells like a baby’s butt.
You might want to wait a few minutes. Blue ribbon toe jam.
When life gives you lemons… There’s nothing like the aroma of lung cancer.
Meat. Teeth. Enough said. Don’t drink the water.
Heart attack in a hoagie. Better than Glade.
These boots are made for stinking. It happens.
This is what $8 smells like. Udderly aromatic.
Forkful of fruity fun(nel). Poop policy.

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