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Your Money

August 9, 2012
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Paid for by taxpayers in…Polk County


(paid during the week of July 30)

Amount: $7,710

To: Advanced Heating and Cooling Inc.

For: Payment for services weatherizing county buildings ($3,282 in labor and $4,428 in materials).

Amount: $880

To: Various Ankeny agencies

For: Payment of $80 ($160 for the Holy Trinity Lutheran) to Resurrection Lutheran, Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart, Cornerstone Baptist, Ankeny United Methodist, Autumn Ridge Estates, Ankeny Evangelical Free, Ankeny Baptist, Ankeny Christian and St. Ann’s Episcopal churches for the Ankeny City special primary election on July 17.

Amount: $2,728

To: Broadlawn’s Medical Center

For: Payment of morgue fees for the month of June.

Amount: $1,593.42

To: City of Des Moines

For: Reimbursement for mileage/travel at 55 cents per mile for Detective William Gaspar on 24-hour vehicle assignments in April (22 days, 88 miles), May (18 days, 72 miles) and June (21 days, 84 miles) for the Fusion Division; and $1,458 for patient transportation by ambulance.

Amount: $3,276

To: Computer Projects of Illinois, Inc. (Bolingbrook, Ill.)

For: Annual payment for OpenFox Messenger License Maintence (21 licenses at $156 each) as per contractual agreement.

Amount: $234

To: Copper Creek Cinemas

For: Purchase of 39 movie tickets to “Ice Age 4” for the Norwood Summer Day Camp kids.

Amount: $4,202.69

To: Des Moines Area Community College

For: Registration fees for General Education Degree classes ($3,091.97 for 288 hours), ESL classes ($911.09 for 74 hours) and GED testing ($199.63 for 12.5 hours) for inmates at the Polk County Jail.

Amount: $311.16

To: The Des Moines Register

For: Payment for fees to publish eight forfeiture notices in the Herald-Index.

Amount: $11,982.10

To: Excel/Pay-less Office Products Inc. (Omaha, Neb.)

For: Purchase of office supplies such as paint, label holders, shelves, cotton swabs, a utility cart and cleaning supplies.

Amount: $135.88

To: Fareway Stores

For: Purchase of food and Bingo supplies for the Senior Services Administration

Amount: $1,000

To: Full Spectrum Productions

For: Payment for services conducting a streets assessment survey including sending emails, making phone calls, survey revisions and sending survey packets.

Amount: $64,427.77

To: Independent Salt Company (Kanopolis, Kan.)

For: Purchase of 999.5 tons of salt for the Polk County Highway Department.

Salaries and Such

Name Robert D. Libra

Title Executive Officer III

Department Iowa Department of Natural Resources Geology and Mapping

Annual salary $89,537.88

Polk County Board of Supervisors

The Polk County Board of Supervisors recently approved the Iowa Events Center budget for fiscal year 12/13 and received news from Global Spectrum, the company hired to manage the Iowa Events Center (IEC), that due to the successful and profitable year, Polk County will receive $224,812 overall in profits for FY 11/12. This past fiscal year, the Iowa Events Center hosted 431 events, and, with the proposed budget for FY 12/13, it can look forward to more events to come. Global Spectrum anticipates continued profits for the FY 12/13 budget year.
Prior to the construction of Wells Fargo Arena and Hy-Vee Hall, Polk County subsidized the operations of Veterans Memorial Auditorium and the Convention Complex at more than $800,000 annually. Since engaging Global Spectrum to manage/operate the IEC facilities, the County has provided minimal subsidy for the entire complex, according to reports. CV

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