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August 9, 2012
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The Last Lion

Kudos to Doug Burns for his recent cover story about Sen. Harkin (“The Last Lion,” July 26). Iowans don’t realize what a gem they have in the U.S. Senate in Sen. Harkin. He represents us liberal progressive Iowans well. I pick up a copy of Cityview each week because I enjoy reading the articles by Doug Burns. Keep up the good work, Doug! Any political aspirations?

Gary Schmidt


What this veteran wants in a Commander-in-Chief

I have read about the reasons that Mitt Romney did NOT serve in the military during the Vietnam conflict. He used his Mormon religion to obtain conscientious objector status.

So, did he serve in a non-combat role to support his peers who were fighting? NO! He went to France to convert the heathen to Mormonism!

While his peers were sloshing through rice paddies and dodging bullets. He was enjoying the good life in France.

These are not the traits that I want in a future Commander-in-Chief!

Gary M. Thelen

West Des Moines

Stimulus monies

If my memory hasn’t failed me, I remember the Bush stimulus money went to large banks and loan companies. As of this date, none of the money has been paid back. The Obama monies went to manufacturing companies, namely automakers.  As of this date, much of the money has been repaid with interest.

Whose ads do you believe?

Paul Ehlert 


Wind energy might not be the answer

Mitt Romney’s recently announced opposition to the renewal of a $1.6 billion wind energy tax credit affirms his commitment to free market principles. This is a refreshing step toward shaking up the status quo in Washington and standing against the government’s bad habit of abusing taxpayer dollars (e.g., Solyndra).

There are many good things to be said about wind energy, and it may prove itself to be a significant producer of electricity in the future. However, the industry’s dependence upon subsidies for survival is troublesome, and I see no indication that it plans to wean itself from government support and become self-sustaining. 

In the private sector, entrepreneurs are held accountable for increased growth, controlling expenses, generating a profit and achieving results. With fewer and fewer taxpayers to fill the coffers, the reality is that we must begin to apply these basic private sector business principles to industries receiving taxpayer dollars and look for a return on our investments.

Mitt Romney knows that competition makes everyone better. If wind energy is a premier source of electricity, it should be able to compete and sustain itself without government intervention. 

Sharon DeMers


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