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July 26, 2012
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Our governor should do a better job setting an example

As a fifth-term governor of the State of Iowa, Terry Branstad is supposed to be a leader who sets the bar for the rest of us. We should all emulate his actions and become better persons by following his example.

Yet, I can’t follow his example. Since I am receiving an IPERS pension, I can only earn a limited amount yearly at a state job. Gov. Branstad is receiving a generous IPERS pension and working full time at a state job. He refuses to answer my letters calling on him to return his pension to the troubled IPERS system.

As a “double dipper” receiving generous compensation from the state treasury, the governor has called on state employees to contribute to their health premiums. But Branstad is the ONLY state employees enjoying free government housing, a Cadillac Escalade with chauffeur and a cook, no less! He can easily afford to pay for his health care!

Gov. Branstad has said that he will also support an increase in the state gasoline tax, right after the election. He wants to make it more expensive for the average Iowan to drive to his/her job while he rides to the Iowa Statehouse in chauffeured glory. Couldn’t he at least ride to work in a hybrid SUV?

Gary Thelen

West Des Moines

Duffy has it wrong

Brian Duffy has it all wrong in his cartoon about the bicyclists (“Duffy’s View,” July 12) in a recent issue of Cityview. As a Sheldahl resident with neighbors that witnessed this incident, I believe Duffy should check his facts first.

The riders in question did ride through the first stop sign a block ahead of where the officer confronted them. When they saw the officer, they did stop for the second sign, then proceeded to ride away from the officer after he confronted them.

The stop signs are placed there for the safety of the riders. I witness bicycles flying through those intersections ahead of cross traffic on a daily basis. I don’t understand why the bike riders believe that they are above the law. The officer was just doing his job.

Grant Chapin


Everyone makes mistakes

“Chris Brown hits women. Enough said.”

Way to keep it classy (“Soundcheck,” July12). It’s surprising you let this run, although I’m sure the goal was to increase web traffic to your site. Heaven forbid the writer actually listened to the CD or had something constructive to say about the songs that are on it. Chad Taylor likely is perfect and has never made a mistake in all of his years on the planet, so he has the right to hold Chris Brown to such impeccable standards

I don’t condone that Chris Brown used physical violence against Rhianna — no one should. But to take away from his art by publishing a review NOT about his art at all speaks to the poor quality of writing standards your organization holds itself to. Why don’t you suggest Chad Taylor take a seat and try again.

Kelly Youlton

Toronto, Canada

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