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Sound Check

July 19, 2012
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By Chad Taylor

3 Pill Morning

‘Black Tie Love Affair’

A2Z/Page 2 Music/eOne

3 Pill Morning has chosen a particularly tough row to hoe. It’s clear from the outset of “Black Tie Love Affair” that the band is shooting for a piece of the radio-ready, hard rock scene. While there’s nothing particularly wrong with going in the pop rock direction if that’s your thing, 3 Pill Morning’s efforts seem aimed at the same audience as the well-entrenched Seether/Shinedown/Nickleback triumvirate. And while I certainly don’t want to be responsible for saddling the band with the dreaded “N-word” comparison, there’s really very little separating opening track “Rain” and Nickleback’s “Burn it to the Ground.” From there, however, 3 Pill Morning acquit themselves fairly well. Second track “Skin” is a radio-ready pop ditty, and “I Want That For You” features some nifty guitar work. CV

(3 Pill Morning plays an all-ages show at Wooly’s on Sunday, July 22 at 7 p.m. with Sevendust, Black Oxygen, Dead Horse Trauma and Fatal Addiction. $25.)

The Workshy

‘You Are Here’


The Workshy is a band that’s kind of trapped between a couple of worlds. While clearly a jam band, they lack the trippy psychedelics of, say, Radio Moscow, and they don’t quite reach the eclectic, genre-jumping nirvana of bands like Euforquestra. What you’re left with on “You Are Here” is a collection of songs that are certainly fun to listen to on their own but that never really sell themselves to one audience or the other. This is kind of to their credit, as it’s clear that The Workshy has the ability to take its sound in either direction. Guitarist Kratzer is clearly talented and can bust out a trippy solo with the best of them, but The Workshy is thus far content to dip a toe into the ska/funk/rock waters without really committing. “You Are Here” is tantalizing and fun, if not 100 percent satisfying. CV

(The Workshy plays El Bait Shop on Sunday, July 22, at 8 p.m.)

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