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Your Money

July 19, 2012
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Paid for by taxpayers in…West Des Moines

(paid during the week of July 9)

Amount: $300

To: Laura Farlee, Holly Houg, Lee Ann Conlan and Christine Carroll

For: Payment for winning a photo contest, presented at the city council meeting ($150, $50, $100 and $50).

Amount: $321

To: The Growing Concern

For: Payment for plant maintenance as a community development initiative.

Amount: $644

To: Cory Gerleman, Brian Gerleman, Courtney McCubbin and Donald O’Brien

For: Payment for officiating the summer adult flag football league ($161 per person).

Amount: $1,872.49

To: Graybar Electric Co. Inc. (Chicago, Ill.)

For: Payment for traffic signal maintenance.

Amount: $698.95

To: Heuss Printing

For: Cost of printing 500 “existing industry reports,” plus $12.12 in overrun fees, for the Chamber.

Amount: $527.44

To: H.B. Leiserowitz Co.

For: Purchase of two digital Canon cameras ($199 each), four Olympus recorders ($50.98 each) and four 4GB SanDisk cards for the police department.

Amount: $3,342.50

To: Claudia Henning

For: Payment for services as a restorative justice consultant for the Youth Justice Initiative for themonth of July.

Amount: $60,000

To: Historic Valley Junction

For: Tax allocation payment in support of its operations, marketing, promotion and special events for FY2012.

Amount: $536.75

To: Holiday Inn at the Falls

For: Cost of lodging for police officers Jeff Hartshorn and Billy Taylor while attending the International Crime Free Association Conference in Wichita Falls, Texas, from July 15-18.

Amount: $560.05

To: Home Depot Credit Services

For: Purchase of tools for painting, irrigation work and horticulture projects for the Parks Department.

Amount: $1,218.75

To: House of Brick LLC (Omaha, Neb.)

For: Payment for general consultation services for the Information Technology Services Department for the month of May (6.25 hours at $195 per hour).

Salaries and Such

Name Mary Lynn Damhorst, Ph.D

Title Professor

Department Apparel, Events and Hospitality Management at Iowa State University

Annual salary $91,814


The Des Moines City Council recently approved Identification Technician Tan Gene Huynh, to travel to Kansas City, Mo., from Aug. 19-24, to attend a course sponsored by the International Association for Identification concerning Latent Print Ridgeology. The course promises to aid in certification as a latent print examiner. This action comes with a $1,440.30 price tag to local tax payers. CV

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