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DVD Reviews

July 19, 2012
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By Jared Curtis

‘Bad Ass’

Directed by Craig Moss

Rated R, 90 minutes

In 2010, a YouTube video showed an older gentleman with a big, white beard beating the hell out of a younger male who had started problems with him on a city bus. The video went viral, and Thomas Bruso, 67, became known as “Epic Beard Man.” Two years later, Hollywood decided to turn the short clip into a feature film. Unfortunately, the film is an awful mess. Frank Vega (Trejo) beats the crap out of a couple of skinheads messing with an elderly gentleman on the bus and quickly becomes an Internet celebrity, but his sudden fame comes crashing down after his friend is killed and the police won’t help. It’s no secret that Trejo can play a tough guy, but “Bad Ass” wanders off into an odd, romantic subplot, where Trejo just seems lost. “Bad Ass” isn’t tough at all. CV

‘Walking Tall’

Directed by Phil Karlson

1973, Rated R, 123 minutes

During the 1970s, a number of Hollywood films featured average men being pushed to their limits including Paul Kersey in “Death Wish” and Billy Jack in “Billy Jack.” But none were as bad as real life Tennessee sheriff Buford Pusser, whose fight to clean up crime is told in “Walking Tall.” After retiring from professional wrestling, Pusser (Joe Don Baker) moves back home to Tennessee and starts a logging business. But after calling out a cheat in a local gambling establishment, Pusser is badly beaten. After the sheriff does nothing, Pusser realizes the corruption of the town and sets out to make it right by running for office. Pusser wins, and with the help of his trusty 4-foot hickory club, cleans up the town. “Walking Tall” was remade a few years back and although it was a decent film, the original Pusser is one bad dude. CV

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