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Good, Bad & The Ugly

July 12, 2012
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The good

Central Iowans can now drop off computers and accessories at the Metro Hazardous Waste Drop-Off, 1105 Prairie Drive S.W., Bondurant, free of charge. Electronic items, including TVs, radios and other gadgets, still have a $0.50/lb. fee. The new service was made possible due to a partnering between Metro Waste Authority and Goodwill’s Dell Reconnect Program. “We still encourage residents to recycle computers wherever is most convenient, but many people like the one-stop shop service we have and bring all hazardous items they’ve cleaned out of their house to dispose of at the same time,” said Judi Mendenhall, facility manager. “We encourage safe, smart disposal since computers and electronics aren’t regular trash. They contain hazardous but valuable and scarce materials, so recycle it versus sending it to the landfill.” Amen.

The 80/35 music festival was more environmentally friendly this year through several green initiatives with local organizations, RecycleMe Iowa and Urban Ambassadors. Recycling and compost bins were conveniently available throughout the site, including compost bins for food and additional compostable items provided by GreenRU. There were 20 waste stations with green balloons and signage letting attendees know which items went into which bins. And volunteers educated patrons on the difference between the recyclable goods and trash. Also, patrons were encouraged to ride their bikes to the festival and park in the bike valet, and a bike generator was provided by Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, as well as a solar generator provided by Creative Footprints that powered a cell phone charging station and a flat screen TV where patrons played Nintendo Wii. Other green initiatives included the installation of water stations throughout the grounds for free bottle refills all day.

The bad

In this kind of heat, people can get pretty hot-headed. Florida resident Stan Nguyen, 54, was arrested last week after he pulled a gun on an air conditioner repairman because he failed to fix his AC unit. According to officials, the repairman showed up at Nguyen’s residence on an after-hours call and discovered the unit’s compressor was ruined and a new part would have to be ordered. But the heat had already gotten to Nguyen, who accused the repairman of destroying his AC unit. When the repairman went to his truck for another service call bill, Nguyen grabbed a pistol and pointed it at the repairman, saying, “I will shoot you in the back if you leave.” The repairman ducked behind his vehicle and called 911. Nguyen was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The police report doesn’t say this guy was smoking crack, K2 or bath salts, but he had to be on something. Mark Christopher Miller, of Florida, used a 4-foot long sword to threaten a pregnant woman. When two other women tried to intervene, he threatened one and smeared the other with peanut butter from his sandwich, according to police. Miller was arrested last week after he approached the three women outside his mobile home, sword and sandwich in hand, and “poked” at the 6-month pregnant woman. Fortunately, the woman was able to push the blade away before getting stabbed. Police say Miller then chewed out part of the seat padding in their cruiser on the way to jail. He should have eaten more of his sandwich.

The ugly

If you’re going to get kinky, just stay home. Florida officials arrested Robert Casey, 49, last week after he was found naked in his car, masturbating. According to police, Casey was driving around when a tow truck driver pulled up next to him and noticed that Casey was making not-so-sweet love to himself. The driver called police, and when officers eventually stopped the car, they searched Casey and found a plastic toy gun tied between his legs and genitals, with the tip of the gun inserted into his anus. Casey told officials he had problems and was currently in therapy. Now he can add lewd and lascivious behavior charges to his list of problems.

Orifices make the worst hiding spots. New York resident Michelle Richards, 33, showed up to serve a jail sentence, and when officers searched her, they found seven bags of heroin and a hypodermic needle stashed inside her vagina. Richards was arrested and charged with felony promoting prison contraband and misdemeanor criminal possession of a controlled substance to go along with the original possession charge she already had.CV

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