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July 12, 2012
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‘Courageous, albeit somewhat harsh’

Congratulations to your guest columnist, Jonathan Narcisse, for his opinion piece about Nancy Sebring (“Guestview,” June 21). It’s a courageous, albeit somewhat harsh, work of fine journalism.  In one succinct article, the editor of The Iowa Bystander told readers the whole sordid story of the Nancy Sebring Public School Administration and the complacency of the School Board. Kudos, editors.

It’s a crying shame that Cityview and The Bystander don’t enjoy the circulation of The Des Moines Register. Your writing deserves a wider audience.

Dennis Moore

Des Moines

Editor’s Note: The circulation gap is narrowing by the day. Read this week’s “Civic Skinny.”

Desecration plus

Professor Herb Strentz is one of my favorite columnists, probably because we often agree. His Iowa statute nonsense about desecration of our flag article (The Des Moines Register, July 4) was well timed, but he left out major desecrations. The other day I was going into a grocery store and I saw this tough looking lady wearing a desecrated flag as a blouse. I thought it better not to say anything. Old glory T-shirts, underwear for both sexes including bras, all kinds of hats and caps, jackets and no telling what else desecrates our flag. I suppose I should add umbrellas and dog sweaters. There is so much desecration going on with motorcycle gangs that I don’t know whether it represents patriotism or just the opposite.

As to Iowa and its statute nonsense, perhaps it doesn’t go far enough. I would think our patriotic politicians and governor could do much better.

John Hicks

Des Moines

No ride home

My husband and I have lived in numerous cities throughout the U.S. and Canada and have traveled extensively overseas. Never in our lives have we encountered a public transit system that shut down on a holiday. It just doesn’t happen… except in Des Moines.

How were people to get to work on the Fourth? Oh, yeah, I forgot. DART exists to serve the skywalkers. The sidewalkers don’t figure into their program. This is the real divide in Des Moines. The people who rely most on mass transit take a back seat to those who like having an alternative to driving their own cars.

As for Independence Day, only those with private vehicles had access to the day’s celebrations. Bus riders stayed home. I guess freedom is all about owning a car.

Desiree Effner

Des Moines

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