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DVD Reviews

July 12, 2012
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By Jared Curtis

‘Jeff, Who Lives at Home’

Directed by The Duplass Brothers

Rated R, 83 minutes

Jeff (Jason Segel), the title character in “Jeff, Who Lives at Home,” spends his days smoking pot and trying to figure out the meaning of life from the comfy confines of his mother’s basement. But after Jeff’s mother (Susan Sarandon) demands he fix a broken door in the house for her birthday, he reluctantly heads out into the world. On his way, he is drawn off the bus by a “sign,” which eventually leads him to his brother, Pat (Ed Helms). Pat has the perfect life on the outside, but on the inside it’s crumbling around him and he despises Jeff’s lay about nature. Before the day’s over, the two brothers build a bond stronger than before and realize that family is what matters most. “Jeff, Who Lives at Home” is a little slow at times, but performances from Segel and Helms keep the film on track. CV


Directed by Richard Linklater

1996, Rated R, 121 minutes

Moviegoers had high hopes for 1996’s “SubUrbia” thanks to director Richard Linklater. Unfortunately, many disliked the film. But it had supporters, thanks to a rocking soundtrack and a cast filled with up-and-comers including Giovanni Ribisi, Nicky Katt, Parker Posey and Steve Zahn. The story follows a group of 20-somethings as they endlessly wander around their hometown looking for something to do. De facto leader Jeff (Ribisi) is a struggling writer living in a tent inside his parents’ garage. He heads to the corner gas station where burnout Buff (Zahn) and alcoholic Tim (Katt) spend most of their time. It seems like a normal night until a former classmate-turned-rockstar returns, which causes everyone to rethink life. “SubUrbia” is a good film but never quite reaches its full potential, much like the slackers it portrays. CV

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