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DVD Reviews

June 28, 2012
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By Jared Curtis

‘21 Jump Street’

Directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller

Rated R, 109 minutes

One of the biggest surprises of 2012 (so far) was how funny “21 Jump Street” ended up being. Schmidt (Jonah Hill) was a total loser in high school and was picked on by popular jock Jenko (Channing Tatum). After graduation, they both find themselves in the same police academy and combine forces, going from two mediocre cops to one good cop. Because of their youthful looks, the two are assigned to the new 21 Jump Street, a group of young-looking officers who infiltrate high schools and bust dealers. Not only do they have to deal with homework, but they also most impress a group of cool kids (led by Dave Franco) and avoid a sadistic gym teacher (Rob Riggle). “21 Jump Street” is filled with action and plenty of laughs, but it also offers some great cameos from the classic ’80s TV show. CV

‘Lethal Weapon’

Directed by Richard Donner

1987, Rated R, 110 minutes

Although “21 Jump Street” was a funny buddy-cop film, I had to go to the genre’s origins, which starts with “Lethal Weapon.” Director Richard Donner (“The Goonies,” “Superman,” “The Omen,” “The Toy”) caught lightning in a bottle thanks to a story from Shane Black (“The Monster Squad,” “The Last Boyscout,” “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”) about two completely opposite detectives — Riggs (Mel Gibson) and Murtaugh (Danny Glover) — who both hate partners but are forced to work together. After digging into a case, they discover a group of ex-special forces soldiers — led by McAllister (Mitchell Ryan) and his crazy enforcer Joshua (Gary Busey)— are running a heroin smuggling ring. Although the genre has become a bit stale of late, “Lethal Weapon” is the quintessential buddy-cop film. Murtaugh may think he is “too old for this shit,” but “Lethal Weapon” will never age. CV

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