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Your Money

June 21, 2012
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Paid for by taxpayers in…West Des Moines

(paid during the week of June 11)

Amount: $397.13

To: ABC Electrical Contractors

For: Cost of labor to repair nine customer supplied rafter halogen lights, 7.5 hours at $52.95 per hour.

Amount: $1,035

To: Ahlers & Cooney

For: Fees for legal services negotiating labor relations by James C. Hanks, 4.6 hours total.

Amount: $1,140.84

To: Marco Alvarez, WDM Park Planner

For: Payment for travel expenses for a stay in New York City, N.Y., for the City Parks Alliance/International Parks Conference, July 14-18 ($625 registration, $1,160 lodging, $440 travel and $75 meals).

Amount: $650

To: Barker Lemar Engineering

For: Payment for compliance inspections performed on March 20 of petroleum tanks, piping, spill devices, sumps, general records and NESHP (National Emission Standards for Hazardous Pollutants), the latter of which was the only “fail” on the report, as required by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

Amount: $766.30

To: Bound Tree Medical LLC (Chicago, Ill.)

For: Purchase of latex gloves for the jail ($407) and other Emergency Management Services supplies.

Amount: $125

To: WDM Police Officer Steve Becker

For: Meal allowance while attending the 2012 Lifesavers Conference in Orlando, Fla., from June 13-17, for training in adult occupant protection, bicycle/motorcycle/pedestrian safety, criminal justice, distracted driving, impaired driving, occupant protection for children, older drivers, roadway safety, teen traffic safety, traffic incident management/planned special events and other highway safety priorities.

Amount: $2,400

To: Bojos Carpet Care LLC

For: Payment for cleaning services for the month of May at the library and public works buildings.

Amount: $3,297.85

To: Competitive Edge

For: Purchase of staff T-shirts for the Valley View Pool and Holiday Pool (prices ranging from $3.99 to $12.90 each).

Amount: $1,228.50

To: Carey Cleaning Systems

For: Payment for servicers power washing the locker rooms at Valley View and Holiday Pools (6.5 hours per two-person truck at $180 per hour plus a 5 percent fuel surcharge).

Amount: $178.10

To: Clive Power Equipment

For: Cost of repairing weed-eaters.

Salaries and Such

Name Thomas Keefe

Title Professor of Social Work

Department Social Work at the University of Northern Iowa

Years served 38

Annual salary $109,300


The Des Moines City Council recently approved Sgt. Daniel Blom to travel to St. Louis, Mo., from July 9-13 to attend a course on ethics management sponsored by the Institute of Law Enforcement Administration. The course is said to enhance ethics knowledge for educating and leadership in departmental teaching to both current and new employees entering the Police Academy. The cost to taxpayers is $1,266. CV

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