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June 21, 2012
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Skipping rocks?

I couldn’t help being drawn in by a title telling me to skip rocks across still waters when thinking of pre-marital sex (“Political Mercury,” June 7). While I agree with the author on the fact both McDonald’s and sex have their consequences, I don’t know if this analogy works. Sexual intercourse is a biological drive: humans have sex, they always have, they always will and nothing so far has stopped this heinous behavior. The author mentions ending the night alone with T.V. and a pizza will prevent guilt, STDs and pregnancies, but maybe the best way to prevent all that is by not forbidding what comes naturally. Instead, how about promoting safety measures (condoms, birth control, pamphlets with pictures of genital warts because that shit is terrifying). As much fun as skipping rocks and “having a bubble gum chewing contest” may be, I’m willing to bet that many unmarried couples will find more exciting activities to do together, and a condom will be far more handy than old fashioned Christian indoctrination.

Karly O’Connor

Des Moines

A rural party

Douglas Burns is on the right track with his column about the need for six political parties (“Political Mercury,” June 14). He mentioned the possibility of a Rural Party for Iowa along with his other choices.

My God, Doug! We have had a Rural Party in Iowa from the day Europeans took over the land from Native Americans. We have a governor who will be reelected until he dies because of the Rural Party. We can’t have clean streams, creeks, brooks and rivers because of the Rural Party. We have stinky, polluted air because of the Rural Party and its love for pig factories. We have trouble moving into the 21st century and out of the late 19th century because of our Rural Party. Iowa is often labeled as a “Fly-over State” because of our Rural Party.

Good try, Doug. Keep up the good work with moving toward a five-party system, but you can forget about a Rural Party in Iowa. We have one, and we’ll have it forever.

John Hicks

Des Moines

And we’re supposed to pay for this?

The Des Moines Register would go a lot farther in keeping this long-time reader a subscriber if, instead of large display ads touting their local news coverage (a page and a half on June 12), they’d use that space to provide real local news stories. Content recycled from Juice doesn’t count. Go ahead and embed a promo “Another local story from the Register!” tagline as promotion if you want, but show us your dedication to local news by running more of it, and not just talking about it.

Larry Slavens


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