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Your Money

May 10, 2012
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Paid for by taxpayers in…Polk County

(paid during the week of April 30)

Amount: $13,478.77

To: Becton Dickinson and Company (Franklin Lakes, N.J.)

For: Purchase of medical supplies such as swabs, diagnostic kits and sample tubes for the Polk County Health Department, including $51.77 for shipping and handling.

Amount: $6,816.97

To: Bob Barker Company Inc. (Fuquay-Varina, N.C.)

For: Purchase of blankets, toothpaste, soap, razors, blades and other supplies for the Polk County Jail.

Amount: $104.06

To: Kevin Bullington (Sheriff’s Office)

For: Reimbursement payment for meals purchased at Hardee’s, McDonald’s, Jimmy Johns, Panda Garden Buffet, The Vine Tavern and Eatery (non-alcoholic purchases only) and Skillet Café and Bakery while on the road to and from Mt. Pleasant Correctional Facility between April 6-20.

Amount: $525

To: Commercial Bag and Supply Company

For: Purchase of 300 shop rags for the Administrative Building.

Amount: $6,725.05

To: Goodsource Solutions (Carlsbad, Calif.)

For: Purchase of 100 cases of charbroil beef, chicken and turkey patties and chicken breasts for the Polk County Jail.

Amount: $219.72

To: Home Depot

For: Purchase of a mold and mildew test kit ($99.80) and an LED maglite, holster, framing hammer ($70.94) and other supplies.

Amount: $577.21

To: Hy-Vee Foods

For: Purchase of a decorated cake ($30.99) and sugar cookies ($19.16), for Sgt. Rick Nutting’s retirement from the Sheriff’s Office after 29 years of service on April 20; 45 box lunches at $7.50 each for a training program at Polk County Crisis and Advocacy Services; ingredients to make chex mix ($109.22) and sides from the buffet ($44.38), cinnamon rolls and a large fruit pizza ($35.96) and other refreshment items for the Senior Services Administration Office volunteer party.

Amount: $1,396.41

To: Iowa Signal Inc.

For: Cost for services repairing traffic lights and replacing bulbs at different intersections throughout the city on April 18.

Amount: $895

To: Iowa Sports Foundation

For: Reimbursement for registration in the 2012 Live Healthy Iowa 100-day Wellness Challenge (including 57 participants at $15 each and two others at $20 each).

Salaries and Such

Name Michael Spurlock

Title Professor of Food Science and Human Nutrition

Department Nutrition and Wellness Research Center at Iowa State University

Years served 6

Annual salary $121,996


The Des Moines City Council recently approved Mayor T.M. Franklin Cownie to travel to Washington, D.C, on April 24 for a White House Business Council half-day forum to discuss jobs and the economy in our area at a cost of $716 to local tax payers. CV

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