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Sound Check

April 26, 2012
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By Chad Taylor

Terry Malts

‘Killing Time’

Slumberland Records

“Killing Time” is a throwback to the halcyon days of late ’70s power punk. Everything about the album conjures up Ramones-flavored nostalgia: a collection of songs that feature four chords; a relentless, driving drum beat; and that all have enough common courtesy to clock in at less than three minutes. The California-based trio is more bubblegum than their New York City progenitors, and for that sin, some will call them nothing but pale knock-offs. But what today isn’t more bubblegum than NYC circa 1978? To say that Terry Malts isn’t quite as punk rock as the Ramones is to say that Bob Ross lacks the touch of Michelangelo. So sure, “Killing Time” will never hang in the Louvre. But, in sound if not substance, it’s as close to Dee Dee, Joey, Johnny and Tommy as you’re going to find nowadays. CV

(Terry Malts plays the Vaudeville Mews on Thursday, April 26. Sudden & Subtle and New Member Charles open. Doors open at 9:30 p.m. $7)

Green River Ordinance

‘Under Fire’

101 Distribution

Green River Ordinance, after establishing themselves as a notable force on the Adult Pop charts through EMI, walked away from their label and funded “Under Fire” through fan-driven donations on Kickstarter. The result is an album that is the pure vision of the men playing the instruments, unfettered by corporate meddling. And while many may see “Adult Pop chart-toppers” as “Most Exciting Shade of Beige,” “Under Fire” nonetheless manages to be creative and, at times, catchy as hell. Pop and country influences mix in a manner that — while not always exciting in a visceral sense — create a complex, interesting sound. Opening track “Dark Night,” along with deep track “Brother” are the two catchiest offerings on the album, but there’s never really a misstep to be found. You’re not going to work out to “Under Fire.” But if you crave something heartfelt and genuine, you could do worse. CV

(Green River Ordinance plays Wooly’s on Monday, April 30. 6 p.m. $12)

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