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Your Money

April 26, 2012
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Paid for by taxpayers in…West Des Moines

(paid during the week of April 16)

Amount: $896.32

To: Alert-All Corp (New Holland, Penn.)

For: Purchase of prizes such as coloring books, crayons, fire hats, stickers and sidewalk chalk for the West Des Moines Fire Department’s “Learnapalooza” give-a-ways.

Amount: $4,050

To: Allendan Seed Company

For: Purchase of 150 pounds of native grass mix and 54.5 pounds of native grass and wildflower mix for the Parks Department.

Amount: $521.03

To: Steve Areges, WDM Police

For: Reimbursement for meals ($128.37), fuel ($112.65) and lodging ($280) expenses while attending Field Training Officer Supervisory School in Wisconsin from March 18-22.

Amount: $2,400

To: Bojos Carpet Care LLC

For: Cost of cleaning carpets for the month of April.

Amount: $3,101.28

To: Brownells Inc.

For: Purchase of range supplies, weapons cases and shotgun saddles, light mounts, handguards and slings for the Police Department.

Amount: $3,876.75

To: Corell Contractor, Inc.

For: Purchase of several tons of road rock for the month of March for Public Works.

Amount: $130

To: Crash Data Group (Kirkland, Wash.)

For: Purchase of a data cable for the police department, including $10 for shipping.

Amount: $62

To: Custom Awards and Embroidery

For: Purchase of a key to the city plaque for Sam Kranovich.

Amount: $225

To: Department of Public Defense

For: Rental fee for the West Des Moines Police Department to use the shooting range for three days at $75 per day, from March 27-29.

Amount: $175

To: Des Moines Bicycle Collective

For: Purchase of 500 regional trails maps at 35 cents per map for the Parks and Rec Department.

Amount: $35

To: Des Moines Stamp Manufacturing Company

For: Purchase of a stamp holder, includes a $5 shipping cost.

Salaries and Such

Name John Wenck

Title Program Planner

Department DNR Water Trails

Years served 3

Annual salary $21,862.40


The City of Des Moines recently approved Capt. Steve Brown to travel to Baltimore, Md., from May 16-19 to attend the International Hazardous Materials Response Teams Conference. The conference is said to provide Brown with the knowledge and skills he needs in the field of Hazardous Materials response through multiple classes, field trips and hands-on training opportunities. The total cost to taxpayers is $1,603. CV

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