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What's Inside

March 22, 2012
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The spotlight returns

By Shane Goodman Publisher/Editor

Our staff at Big Green Umbrella Media has grown in size and, as such, has become age-diversified enough to the point where comments like “you wouldn’t remember this” or “you’re too old for this” are heard quite frequently. This often happens when names of songs, movies or local celebrities are mentioned. When I bring up childhood TV shows I watched like “Floppy,” “Betty Lou’s Magic Window” and “1-2-3,” I either get nods of approval from those 40 and older or eyebrow frowns from everyone younger. It’s just part of the aging process, I have learned. With that in mind, we decided to track down locals who were once in the media spotlight and share what they have been up to. Catching up with these great folks was a lot of fun, and we hope you enjoy getting to know them for the first time — or all over again.

Thanks for reading. CV

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