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March 15, 2012
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Let’s take control of our planet

In 1111 AD, the world population was slightly more than 300 million, about the same as the current population of the United States. By 2011 the world population was 7,000 million, or seven billion. Between 1111 and 2011, the world’s population became 23 times greater.  That same ratio of growth applied to 3011 would mean the world population would be 161,000 billion people. Not a good thing!

Water quality and water distribution are problems today. There may be enough food on the earth, but our political systems cannot handle adequate distribution. Millions of adults and children are going hungry. These are important facts that politicians throughout the world are ignoring.  There are answers, but none on the table.

Also important are the religions and groups which continue to believe that people are on earth to populate, reproduce and have lots of children. I’m not sure what populate is suppose to mean in this day and age when we already have too much population and reproduction. Along with this “let’s-populate” policy is the political climate in the U.S. where politicians want to take women’s rights away from them, to eliminate abortions and to eliminate birth control options of all kinds. They believe their religion is more important than sustaining the earth with clean water, clean air and plenty of food for everyone.

The bottom line: If certain religions and politicians take control of our planet, the rest of us are in really big trouble. 

John Hicks

Des Moines

Drop dead

I screwed up by writing a short letter to the editor. You published it in the Feb. 2 issue, but before you did, you changed it to end a declarative sentence with a question mark. Thanks for making me look illiterate. Then you published a long, insulting, name calling response from James Bradley Robinson III. I wrote a response to that and sent it in, but you didn’t print it. I’ve learned my lesson — I will never write another letter to the editor. Drop dead.

Jeff Shotwell

Des Moines

Correction: In our recent Best Of issue (“Jackpot!” March 1) we mistakenly listed the wrong addresses for Bike World. The correct addresses are: 6600 Douglas Ave., Urbandale, 255-7047; 5950 Village View Drive, Suite 100, West Des Moines, 222-1880; and 125 S. 3rd St., Ames, 232-3669.

Correction: In last week’s Money section, we misquoted two Polk County bills that were paid during the week of Feb. 27. For American Solutions for Business in the amount of $1,209.60 — the write-up refers to the purchase of 24 pounds of white, triple perforated paper and 24 pounds of white, single horizon paper for the Information Technology Department. The purchase was actually for 31,500 sheets of 24-pound paper. For Architectural Wall Systems in the amount of $900 — the write up refers to the cost to remodel the ticket booth at the auditor’s office, removing and re-installing the glass in the information booth, which actually relates to ADA work done to the motor vehicle Information booth in the Treasurer’s office in the Administration Building.

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