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DVD Reviews

March 15, 2012
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By Jared Curtis

‘Young Adult’

Directed by Jason Reitman

Rated R, 94 minutes

There wasn’t a bigger bitch on screen in 2011 than Charlize Theron in her role as Mavis Gray, a failed teen fiction author, in Jason Reitman’s (“Thank You for Not Smoking,” “Up in the Air”) “Young Adult.” Theron morphs into a needy, manipulative grown-up mean girl who returns to her hometown with one goal in mind — get back her old boyfriend, Buddy (Patrick Wilson), even though he is married with children. Once home, Mavis works every angle she can think of to get into Buddy’s pants, which ultimately ends in one of the more chaotic breakdowns ever. Although Theron is the focus of the film, Patton Oswalt shines as Matt, a quiet, nerdy high school classmate who brews his own beer. Oswalt offers a comedic kindness that keeps “Young Adult” warm, which helps the film from being overwhelmed by Theron’s iciness. Love Mavis or despise her, there is no denying that “Young Adult” is great. CV


Directed by Michael Lehmann

1988, Rated R, 103 minutes

A long time ago, way before “Mean Girls” became a surprise hit, there was a dark comedy about bitchy girls in high school called “Heathers.” Some thought it portrayed an unrealistic and dark version of high school life, but those girls were nothing compared to the troubled and tormented students we hear about today. “Heathers” follows Veronica (Winona Ryder), a smart and popular student at a high school in Ohio. Also at the school is a clique of girls known as the Heathers — Heather Chandler (Kim Walker), Heather Duke (Shannon Doherty) and Heather McNamara (Lisanne Falk) — who rule the school with fear and cruelty. After Veronica attends a frat party with Heather Chandler and is humiliated by her, she joins forces with a new trouble-making student, J.D. (Christian Slater). Together, Veronica and J.D. get revenge on everyone who has done them wrong. One of the best dark comedies ever made, “Heathers” is a true classic. CV

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