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Sound Check

Feb 9, 2012
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By Chad Taylor

Every Time I Die

‘Ex Lives’


Track Previews

Every Time I Die isn’t for everyone. It’s true, from a holistic standpoint, that NOTHING is for everyone, but the metalcore stalwarts are more of an acquired taste than most. But for those with the proper inclination, “Ex Lives” is a heavy, seething, necessary beast of an album. New drummer Ryan Leger is a frantic monster with the sticks, lending the band an energy and pacing that it hasn’t had in previous efforts. The result is a collection of metalcore cranked out at the speed of most skate punk, and the effect is as stunning as it is unrelenting. Additionally, front man Keith Buckley’s clean vocals get a chance to really shine here, which is an aspect of his game that’s never really gotten a chance to stretch its legs before. The band continues to feel revitalized since jumping to the Epitaph label, and “Ex Lives” is sure to please fans. CV

(Every Time I Die performs at People’s Court on Sunday, March 11. $20)


‘March of the Broken Souls’


Track Previews

Good industrial music makes me think of “The Matrix.” I know this is kind of strange, because there wasn’t really a ton of industrial music in “The Matrix,” but sometimes the human brain makes strange connections. Anyway, I bring it up only because there’s something about Iowa native Gabe Wilkinson’s music that makes me want to cram a kitchen skewer into the base of my skull (in the good way!) and download Kung Fu. Nothing on the album is thought-provoking enough to remind anyone of Throbbing Gristle, and it lacks the commercial polish of, say Kraftwerk, but tracks like “Worthless” are bass-heavy, angry and extremely easy to groove to. If industrial is your thing, “March of the Broken Souls” is sure to push you through the last mile of your workout — or the last hour of that Ecstasy bender. Your choice, really. CV

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