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What's Inside

March 8, 2012
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By Shane Goodman Publisher/Editor

You know the story: Band members come together over a love of music. Band earns early recognition for its work.

Band members start abusing alcohol and drugs. Band gets rich and famous.

Band members abuse even more alcohol and drugs. Band gets even richer and more famous.

Band members burn out on way too much alcohol and drugs. Band fails to be relevant any longer.

Band members die. Band goes on to be featured in a VH1 special.

This isn’t that exact story; it’s weirder. This story is an awkward mix of local musicians, addictions, friendship and what might be the most unusual place to record an album — a mental institution. This is the Twelve Canons, and whether you are a local music fan or not, you can’t help but be drawn in by the mental anguish of Jim DuRocher and his oddly appropriate counterpart, Justin Norman. Their music is dark and strange, but it is quite fitting for this dichotic duo.

Thanks for reading. CV

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