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Feb 16, 2012
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Let the rich get richer

Billionaires are buying the presidential election through the “Restore Our Future” and “Winning Our Future” Super Pacs and the help of their respective spokespersons, Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich. They are pumping tens of millions of dollars into Romney’s and Gingrich’s campaigns in an attempt to convince the poor and middle class to vote against their economic self-interests.

Rather than listening to any more debates from those two, yammering away about their delusional world views, it would be more entertaining if we could persuade John Paulson and Sheldon Adelson — the billionaires behind the Super Pacs — to engage in a pay-per-view wrestling match. The millions of dollars generated from the grudge match would be used to buy air time to counter their Super Pac ads by reminding folks that the Republicans brought about the Great Recession through deregulation of the financial sector, mounting two costly overseas wars, slashing taxes on billionaires’ capital gains income and ultimately causing the multi-trillion dollar federal budget deficit.

Billionaires don’t care if the economy fails. If it does, they can pick up the failed businesses for a fraction of their value and then wait for the economy to rebound.

Greg Lee

Des Moines

Would you print the same?

After reading a recent column by Tricia Erickson (“Why Mitt’s Mormonism should be of great concern to American voters,” Feb. 2), I had one question. Assume for the moment we have a candidate named Hassan Rahim. Would you print the same title (and similar content) if it said, “Why Hassan’s Islamism should be of great concern to American voters.”

John Hesling


Editor’s note: If it was a thought-provoking and well-written commentary, the answer would be yes.

Pursuit of profits

Just when I thought the Occupy Wall Street movement was fading from our attention, a recent letter from James Bradley Robinson (“Your View,” Feb. 9) brings it front and center into our attention with his disparaging comments. I’m sure the Occupy movement is quite thankful for his diligence, and I’m sure he didn’t see it coming that his attempts to marginalize it would have precisely the opposite effect.

I will have to give him one thing: Businesses and corporations do have as their goal the pursuit of profit — just like a dog is always hungry. You wouldn’t let a dog loose in your kitchen. If you did, the pot roast, the steaks and practically everything else would disappear. No, you’d put a leash on it. Like we used to do with corporate America.

When the national cupboard is bare, I’m going to consider those words of Mr. Robinson’s third hero, Gordon Gekko, who said, “Greed is good.”

David Thrasher

Des Moines

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