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Feb 16, 2012
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Guns and hoses

By Jared Curtis

Members of the police team and fireman teams battle it out during last year’s event. The 2012 Guns N Hoses event will take place on Sunday, Feb. 19, starting at 2 p.m. Tickets are $12 and include admission to the 5 p.m. Des Moines Buccaneers game. For more information, visit (Children's Cancer Connection). For tickets contact Travis Hamilton at 515-250-7583.

Local police and firefighters hit the ice for a good cause

Although there might be a bit of a rivalry, local police officers and firefighters come together and work hard to protect residents of our fair city. But next Sunday, the two friendly factions will turn into bickering siblings when they hit the ice for the seventh annual Guns N Hoses Benefit Hockey Game on Sunday, Feb. 19.

“Guns N Hoses is a Des Moines tradition, and not only is it a fun rivalry to watch, it’s for a good cause,” said Travis Hamilton, Johnston police officer and event chair. This will be the first year the game will be played at Buccaneers Arena, and Hamilton couldn’t be happier.

“We approached them about hosting the game this year, and they wanted to know what took us so long to ask them,” Hamilton laughed. “It’s been a great partnership, and Buccaneers Arena seems like the perfect fit for us.”

Although the players rarely get to practice as a team before the game, most participants are ready to play.

“Most of the guys play regularly in different adult leagues throughout the winter, so they are in great playing shape,” said Hamilton, who plays center for the police team.

Every year the game benefits a different charity, and this year the game’s proceeds will help the Children’s Cancer Connection.

“My son is currently going through chemo treatments, and other players have family members that have dealt with cancer, so we thought it would be a great cause,” Hamilton said. “The Children’s Cancer Connection is a great local charity, and we’re happy to be working with them.”

Admission to the game is $12, which includes admission to the 5 p.m. Buccaneers game. Hamilton encourages people interested in attending to buy the tickets prior to the game.
“We encourage everyone to buy tickets from the police or fire department as well as from the Children’s Cancer Connection website because all of the money goes to charity. If they get their tickets at the door, it does not,” Hamilton said. “All of the officers playing have tickets for sale or people can buy them from me.”

Although this is a charity event, the teams get serious on the ice.

“There is a competitive nature to the game, and there is even a little trash talk prior,” Hamilton said. “It’s a hockey game, not figure skating, and we play hard. I got three teeth knocked out last year.”

Along with the game, there will be plenty of entertainment.

“There will be plenty of events going on during intermission including a firefighter relay race,” Hamilton said. “We’ll also have a silent auction with some cool items and T-shirts for sale. We’re selling red and blue shirts representing each team. By my count, the police officers will be way ahead, but I’m excited to see how many blue shirts and red shirts will be in the stands.”

Although the game is competitive, the real winner is the Children’s Cancer Connection, which is why Hamilton encourages everyone to attend.

“A lot of people only see us in our uniforms helping them out, but this a great chance to see public servants in a different light. Plus, it’s a fun event that will help raise money for this amazing charity,” he said. “We encourage everyone to come out as our goal is to fill Buccaneers Arena and make the game environment more fun and exciting for everyone.” CV

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