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Book Review

Feb 16, 2012
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‘Believing the Lie’

Courtesy of Beaverdale Books

Review by Harriet Leitch

By Elizabeth George

Dutton Books



624 pp

The American author Elizabeth George has penned 17 mysteries in the popular Inspector Thomas Lynley series, following the sleuth around modern day England. There has been a death in the Lakes country, and Inspector Lynley is asked to discreetly investigate, even though the coroner has declared the death accidental. Additionally, the inspector has to work in secrecy, as he cannot tell anyone at New Scotland Yard where he is going, or why. With a limited number of people available to help him, he goes to Cumbria to investigate the death. The victim’s family is a microcosm of problems encountered by modern families — adultery, divorce, same-sex relationships, manipulative children, power and money ploys — and these problems create the potential for making the death a murder rather than an accident.

George keeps readers interested as she develops a wide cast of characters, some of whom are familiar to her fans, in a classic who-done-it style story, making practically every person in the family of the victim a potential murderer. “Believing the Lie” is rather lengthy, but a extremely interesting read. American readers new to George and this series will find a unique British terms – kerb for curb and Zimmer frame for walker — but they are easily understood and they give “Believing the Lie” that distinctly British feel. CV

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