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Feb 2, 2012
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Suggested slogans for Newt

I thought up a few slogans in case Newt Gingrich wins the Republican nomination.

1.) Vote Republican — Where character counts as much as the Iowa Caucus.

2.) In a three-way race, choose the candidate with the most experience in Three-Ways!

3.) She turned me into a Newt… I got better.

4.) The Republican Party — Where playing a character counts!

Greg Cunningham

West Des Moines

Great job adding Keeler to your roster

One of the best moves made was to scoop up Sean Keeler when the Register was ignorant enough to let him go. Thank you for giving readers the opportunity to enjoy his honest and insightful view into collegiate sports in this state!

Sandy Larson

Des Moines

Representative democracy?

The Des Moines Register stated on Jan. 15 that, “Wells Fargo was given $29 million in tax incentives over the last seven years.” On Jan. 18, they stated, “Wells Fargo profited $15.9 billion in 2011.” This is a government by and for the elite — giving multi-millions of tax dollars to billionaires.

The Occupy movement exists because of this sort of thing, and I believe the whole movement deserves a bit of respect. I wonder how much of that $15.9 billion will ever trickle down to the rest of us? Don’t hold your breath.

Jeff Shotwell

Des Moines

Delayed response

After reading Annie Patton’s letter (“Your View,” Sept. 15, 2011) about how the media and Republicans need to stop attacking the president of the United States, a few things have to be put in perspective.

First of all, the president is 50 years old. He’s not a child; he’s an adult who can take car of himself. He needs no one trying to protect him from the people saying mean words and things about him. People are not going to “lay off of him” to make you happy.

The criticism and the name-calling is a regular part of his job as president of the United States. The point is this — we’re adults. If we can’t get past the hateful words and name calling that people hurl at us, then we have a problem with how we deal with life.

Ms. Patton, stop worrying about what the president’s critics are saying about him and start spending time building a thicker skin to deal with it, just like the president does.

R.H. Slaughter

Des Moines

Unhipping your hipster friends

I loved the recent cover story (“Unhipping your hipster friends,” Jan. 26), especially the mention of King Diamond singing Christmas carols, which had me pissing in my pants. Thanks for the great read

Mike Biondi

Des Moines

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