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Feb 2, 2012
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In the works

By Shane Goodman Publisher/Editor

Waterworks Parks has been used for a variety of purposes, including being Des Moines’ main source for clean water, but very few of us are regulars in the park. That could all change soon.

Improvements to Gray’s Lake over the past decade have lured residents and visitors to a place that 20 years ago we would have not dared enter in the dark. Today, Gray’s Lake is a beautiful and safe environment used by people of all ages for recreational purposes. Waterworks Park? Not so much.

Yes, we have attended concerts at Waterworks Park. And, yes, we have gone for leisurely strolls through its 1,500 acres, and we even had a picnic lunch or two in this green oasis. We have been pleased by the use of the equestrian trails, and we even organized a bicycle ride at the park a few years back. But city leaders envision more for Waterworks, and they created a competition to bring fresh ideas to the table. We share the results of this process, as well as some history of Waterworks Park, as our cover story this week.

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